Studio used by Oasis to record debut LP now a holiday let

The Sawmills Studio, in Cornwall, was once a popular place for artists to record albums as its isolated location meant there were no distractions or prying eyes.

The remote music studio where Oasis recorded their classic debut album Definitely Maybe has now been turned into a holiday let.

Bands like the Stone Roses, the Verve, Supergrass and Duran Duran recorded their at their peak.

That’ll raise eyebrows! Slide away for a break in the Cornish countryside at Sawmills Studios, where Oasis made pop history

Remote: The famous property, shrouded by trees, is only accessible by boat ride across the River Fowey

But, due to the rise in artists preferring ‘do-it-yourself’ home studios, Sawmills has struggled financially.

Now, its owners have decided to allow guests the chance to slide away for a break in the Cornish countryside that will live forever in their memories after hiring it out at a holiday home.

A weekend in the main house costs over £1,000 – which includes a tour of the music studios which remain in use and are available for hire.

The building, which can sleep up to 16 people, has seven bedrooms, three of which have en-suites, two shared bathrooms, and a spacious lounge and kitchen.

Ruth Taylor, the manager of Sawmills, said: ‘The studio is still in operation but very much supported by the holiday business. We do miss out on some big names especially in the summer because holidaymakers book months ahead and bands don’t – they could never be that organised!

‘The holiday side makes more money now and I have to admit it’s a hell of a lot easier dealing with holidaymakers than it is bands. Almost everyone wants to know about the studio and I nearly always give people a quick tour.’

Technical: Musical instruments lie one of the vacant studios in Sawmills, where some of the industry’s biggest names played

Living space: Sleeping 16 people across seven bedrooms, the space is now available to hire for £1,000 per weekend

Perhaps it’ll live forever? The building has enjoyed a long history and is more than 1,000 years old

Serene: Although it has seen plenty of rock-n-roll action, the Sawmills Studios is surrounded by stunning countryside

The studio was established in 1974 by Tony Cox, but it is now owned by record label owner Dennis Smith. It is only accessible by boat ride across the River Fowey.

Ruth said: ‘The studio had been successful in the ‘70s with many well-known artists of the day recording there, but it had been quieter in the 1980s.

‘Just prior to me starting the Stone Roses had been in and that was the start of what turned out to be a much busier period for the Sawmills, which peaked in the 90s with the whole Britpop thing. Robert Plant always sticks in my mind because he insisted on recording his vocals in the bathroom as he thought it sounded better in there!

‘We also went through a phase where it seemed every band wanted to record outside and capture mood of the site. Supergrass made a massivetent from their bed sheets and gaffa tape and decorated it with Christmas lights, it actually looked quite good.

New era: The studio was established in 1974 by Tony Cox, but it is now owned by record label owner Dennis Smith

An oasis of calm: One of the three en-suite bathrooms inside the property

‘I also remember a lot of the Oasis session because they went on to be so famous. I just though they were a bunch of typical Mancunians from my home town.

‘I remember Liam Gallagher joking everyone should hide their watches because I was from the estate. They seemed confident they were going to make it, but not really in an arrogant way just as a matter of fact.

‘They were very funny and down to earth – they even did their own washing! They came back around 10 years later and refreshingly I found them pretty much the same then.’

Changes: Due to the rise in artists preferring ‘do-it-yourself’ home studios, Sawmills has decided to branch out

Definitely maybe: The former mill still contains the recording studio where the Britpop pioneers worked their magic

There are are also still the familiar problems when it comes dealing with some of the challenges unique to Sawmills.

‘The location still makes everything a challenge,’ Ruth added. ‘From the big things like emptying the septic tank, to the everyday stuff like bringing in the bottled gas, we are continually loading and unloading equipment and luggage and it’s hard physical work.

‘When the tide is in on a summer’s morning though, and you are surrounded by nature at its best, the sheer beauty of the place really can take your breath away.’

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