The Savoy told funny stories about celebrity clients

Savoy in Florence is one of the oldest and best hotels in the world. Moreover, the hotel can be considered a family – owned Italian born Rocco Forte, who watched that Savoy honored tradition of doing hotel business.

Including why Savoy – a safe haven for stars who want to hide from the press, but we still managed to get from Florence Savoya a few funny stories about their famous clients. However, to call the names of the representatives of the hotels refuse, but you have a chance to guess you are talking about!

For example, the famous Hollywood actor stayed at the Savoy, and his crazy fan called the reception every fifteen minutes and begged me to give her the room next door and screaming down the phone that he was the love of her life. Had to say that the lady was misinformed, and none of the Hollywood actors in “the Savoy” did not stop.

But one famous rock band went back to the hotel after the concert with a good proposal: to cook a pizza for each member of the group and its staff – that is, about a hundred people. Savoy, of course, on the chest took the blow and promptly complied with the request of the stars, and they, in gratitude, sang the hotel one of their best songs a Capella.

Here’s another funny story: one Hollywood beauty brought to Florence so many things that the place for them is not enough even in the biggest room of Savoya. Had to release some of the neighboring rooms and distribute them Luggage. One was designated for shoes on a low heel, another for pins, and the third for casual wear, and the fourth for the evening. Nice to live not forbid!

And another fashion victim liked her the luxury room that she didn’t want to go beyond it, although Florence came to go shopping. And what do you think came up with the hotel team? They phoned favorite brands star client, was released a few numbers and brought back the latest collection of designers, so she could go shopping from the comfort of Savoya. Now that’s service! By the way, when you arrive at Savoy, you will hear a lot of interesting stories – just ask the staff.

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