Video offers sex and drug holiday on Colombian island

The erotic video from the Good Girls Company explicitly advertises the trip from 24th to 27th November as a ‘sex island experience‘.

A brazen video offers a sex and drugs holiday on a Colombian island with prostitutes provided.

It starts by advertising the holiday’s more prosaic benefits such as airport transfers being included.

Raunchy: The eyebrow-raising video shows a man surrounded by near-naked women

Highly suggestive: A masked woman flaunts her assets as she invites viewers to watch more

That’ll make waves: A collection of scantily-clad women party together on a private yacht

Substance over style? The advert also claims the adult holiday is very ‘drug friendly’

Metaphor: The handsome hunk pours a bottle of champagne into a woman’s mouth

Keeping abreast of the action: A buxom woman leaves little to the imagination on board

Then, its young male star boards a luxury yacht, on the deck of which dozens of young beauties are gyrating in bikinis.

A screen caption states boldly: ‘Unlimited sex included.’

The holiday is also labelled as ‘drug friendly’ over images of the young man being caressed in a bedroom by several girls amid a cloud of smoke.

‘Sexual surprises’ are also advertised, over a scene showing the man coming into his bedroom to find four naked women posing coquettishly face-down on his bed.

Racy: A woman dressed as a French maid serves some chocolate sauce on a tray

Indulgent: The actor is fed chocolate sauce from the bottle, before removing his shirt

Messy: The action then cranks-up a notch when his fellow party-goers get hands-on

Ratio: The video clip is keen to stress that there are two women for every man on the island

Eyebrow-raising: A trio of women barely conceal their modesty as they writhe around

Selling point: The company also stresses that complimentary alcohol is part of the package

Tourists with other appetites may like to know that all meals are included, a fact mentioned over a scene of the man eating his pudding off the naked body of one of the video’s female stars, served by another in a fetish version of a French maid’s outfit.

Free booze is also thrown in.

The Good Girls Company explained more via social media, writing: ‘We will have 60 hot women serving 30 clients; there will be two women for each of them (available) 24 hours a day. The price includes all meals these days.’

Getting the party started: The women indulge in the festivities with their male companion

Not shy: A naked woman reclines on a table where she has food strategically placed on her

Secluded for privacy: The location of the island is off the coast of Cartagena on Colombia’s north coast

Bold: In case the ad’s purpose wasn’t clear, a woman reasserts the sell on a T-shirt

The location of the ‘sex island’ is off the coast of Cartagena on the north coast of Colombia.

An itinerary for the holiday tells prospective guests that there will be a sex session on the first day in which any customer can participate.

Day Two offers each client half an hour with 16 girls at once.

The third and fourth days feature parties on a luxury yacht for 100 people, complete with DJ.

Although prostitution is not illegal in Colombia, pimping is a crime, a law services advertised in the video could be falling foul of.

MailOnline has contacted the Good Girls Company to clarify this, but are yet to receive a response.

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