Want to be on a nearby deckchair with a star?

Marina Aleksandrova (34) will go to the concert Adele (29) in London, Olga Buzova (31) you find on the beach in the UAE, and Aglaia Tarasova (23) together with her boyfriend, actor Milos Bikovich (29), going to a music festival in Serbia. PEOPLETALK found out all these passwords and appearance of stars.

This summer his family will go to Florida to grandma and grandpa. And ahead of Japan with her husband – travel to the future or to another planet. Andrew (Director Andrew Boltenko (43), husband of the actress. – Approx. ed.) loves Japan and plans better than any travel guide. And don’t miss Adele in London!

Going with Eugene Linovich to go to Montenegro, to celebrate his son’s birthday, to relax and go boating.

Every summer I spend on the road. And this year is no exception – I annual tour of the black sea coast. And if you roll a free week, then I will quickly buy plane tickets and fly to your favorite Maldives. It’s just Paradise on earth! Only there I can relax and have a rest.

I’m going to go to Cyprus is my second home. My family lives there, goes to school brother. And then going to another very tasty and peace of the place (where, still a secret). This is my old dream, just to buy tickets, because a group in WhatsApp is already created, and even the plan. In the shooting schedule, the trip is set, so I hope it goes well.

In early July I will go to Exit festival in Serbia, held in Novi-Sad (near Belgrade), and the rest of the time will work.

I love Greece, Italy and the UK recently in London I won! Going back a couple of days to fly there and go to the Park of Harry Potter. Definitely fly to Dubai this summer to lie in the sun. And of course, to Rome and the Vatican. It’s a love that will never pass. I fly there every year at least once.

Recently we had a wedding anniversary and we celebrated it in the Maldives. It was our only opportunity to rest, all the rest of the trip will be working. We will go to Mauritius in July. In December we did a contest among our followers on the account of Murad, chose three pairs and go with them. Then I separately going to the Himalayas (Indian part), a week will live in the temples in the mountains and to know yourself. In August we are again together with Murad will travel to exotic countries.

For a few days I will go to Rome and the Vatican. Going to walk the streets, eat their famous ice cream. And then you can lie on the beach in Greece, on Santorini that evening to watch the most beautiful sunset in the world.

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