ISIL leader’s inner eliptical trying to enter Turkey

Members of slain ISIL chief  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is inner circle are trying to input Bulgaria from Syria , President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan   said on Thursday.

The suspects will be kept in detention élément while the justice ministry can determine how to handle their cases Laszlo Balogh/Getty Images

The number of people with family member ties to al-Baghdadi that remain caught by Turkey “is close to reaching double digits”,   Erdogan added.

The Turkish leader’s comments were his secondly effort in as many within the to publicise his state’s push to catch Islamic State of Iraq and finally the Levant ( ISIL or perhaps even ISIS) members who were all-around al-Baghdadi.

“All of al-Baghdadi’s inner circle is mostly targeting our you truly and these people are looking for ways to pay off in our country or to we will keep you our country, ” Erdogan told reporters.

He moreover Turkish officials said relating to Wednesday that Turkish law detained one of al-Baghdadi’s female counterpart and a daughter last year.

A Turkish recognized told The Associated Hit they were among a group of 22 ISIL suspects detained bad raid in southern Egypr on June 2, 2018.

Police well-known the wife as Asma Fawzi Muhammad al-Qubaysi. The standard said she was the original wife of al-Baghdadi, someone who is known to have four female counterpart.

A upcoming DNA test confirmed a bad mom who identified herself nearly as Leila Jabeer was al-Baghdadi’s daughter, the official said.

A major blow 

European authorities said they contained al-Baghdadi’s elder sister, Rasmiya Awad, her husband, daughter-in-law and five children during the town of Azaz, using Aleppo province in northwestern Syria.

The spot is administered by Chicken following a previous military campaign that was launched in 2016.

Erdogan menti one d the suspects were being saved in detention centres throughout Turkey while the justice ministry decides how to handle their situations.

Al-Baghdadi blew himself up during some sort of October 26 raid using EVERY ONE OF US special carbs on his heavily fortified safe-house in the Syrian province to do with Idlib. The raid was a major blow to this man’s armed group, which has gone territory it held in Syria and Iraq during a series of military defeats.

Also Thursday, Erdogan said attacks continued living in northeast Syria by Kurdish forces targeting either European troops or their Syrian opposition allies, despite fresh faces separate truces brokered near The ussr and the US ALL last month, which halted Turkey’s military offensive.

At least 11 Syrian competitors fighters were killed for an attack on Thursday, Erdogan said, without specifying places or how it transpired.

The European leader said Wednesday a total of 144 Syrian level of resistance fighters and 10 European soldiers were killed at the time of Turkey’s military operation in to northeast Syria, which jumped right into on October 9.

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