Biden Says Sending U.S. Troops to Ukraine ‘Not on the Cards’

President Joe Biden stated Wednesday he had cautioned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of unprecedented US sanctions if Russia attacks Ukraine.

A day after talking for two hrs by video web link, Biden claimed he had told Putin the United States would certainly strike back with sanctions «like none he’s ever before seen» in case of a Russian assault on Ukraine.

«I made it extremely clear, if actually he gets into Ukraine, there will certainly be serious repercussions, extreme repercussions— financial repercussions like none he’s ever before seen or ever before have been seen,» Biden informed reporters at the White House.

Biden stated that in addition to economic procedures, a brand-new Russian strike on Ukraine would certainly trigger a reinforced US armed forces existence on the region of NATO allies in eastern Europe.

«We would probably be required to reinforce our visibility in NATO nations to assure especially those in the eastern flank. Along with that, I made it clear that we would certainly supply a defensive capability to the Ukrainians as well,» he stated.

Biden claimed that sending out United States troops to protect Ukraine from Russia is «not on the cards,» because the country is not part of NATO.

«The idea the United States is mosting likely to unilaterally utilize force to face Russia attacking Ukraine is out the cards today,» Biden said. «We have a lawful responsibility and an ethical obligation to our NATO allies under Article Five. It’s a spiritual obligation. That responsibility does not include … Ukraine.»

Biden stated he was sure Putin understood the United States setting after their talks.

«I am absolutely certain he has the message,» he stated.

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