Daughter-in-law of Trump’s right-hand man is cooperating with financial probe

The former daughter-in-law of Donald Trump’s longtime finance chief is cooperating with investigators in the probe into the business dealing of the former president and “refuses to be silenced,” said her lawyer.

“She will continue to cooperate fully with the various law enforcement agencies that are investigating her ex-husband’s family and the very powerful interests they represent,” he said.

“Jennifer refuses to be silenced any longer by those who are conspiring to prevent her from sharing what she has learned over the past 25 years,” Mr Levin added.

Her lawyer made the remarks in response to a story published in the New Yorker on Friday, according to which Mr Trump allegedly shared nude photos at a shiva and hit on Ms Weisselberg during the Jewish mourning ceremony.

The shiva story was revealed during the course of the Manhattan district attorney’s efforts to “flip” Mr Trump’s accountant, Allen Weisselberg, 73, for the investigation into potential fraud within the businesses and financial dealings for the former president.

Ms Weisselberg, a former professional dancer and choreographer, married Barry, the son of Trump’s chief financial officer in 2004. They divorced in 2018.

Mr Weisselberg is reported to be a trusted figure in Mr Trump’s family business who began working for his father in 1973 at the company’s Brooklyn office, paying bills and tracking the rental payments from apartment towers.

Ms Weisselberg said that if anyone had compromising information on Mr Trump, it would her former father-in-law but she believes that he would not be swayed to turn on the ex-president.

Mr Trump has called the probe a “witch hunt” and a “fishing expedition.”

The probe into Mr Trump began in 2018, as authorities looked into campaign-season hush money payments Mr Trump funnelled to two women who claimed they’d had affairs with the then-candidate, which he denies.

Since then, investigators have reportedly expanded the scope of the search, probing high-profile deals around the famous Trump Tower, various Trump hotels, and an estate belonging to Mr Trump in Westchester County.

In February, the investigators won a major victory after the Supreme Court enabled them to get eight years’ worth of Mr Trump’s financial records, following a vigorous attempt from the former president to keep them secret.

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