BLM activist arrested for anti-Asian hate crime in Seattle

A man identified as a Black Lives Matter activist has been charged for anti-Asian hate crime, according to reports.

Christopher Hamner, of Seatac, Washington, appeared in court on 9 April facing hate crime charges for chasing Asian-American women in Seattle.

In one of the incidents, the 51-year-old allegedly called a woman an “Asian b****” while she was driving with her children, who were in the vehicle.

“The moment he made eye contact with me he stopped, opens his door and he’s screaming,” the woman, Pamela Cole, told KIRO 7, “F*** you, you Asian b****. F**** you!’”

Hammer allegedly charged on foot from a black sedan — bringing his fists together — before Ms Cole could drive away.

“Thank God the light finally changed and I was able to drive off,” she wrote on Facebook following the incident on 16 March, with pictures of Hammer.

Police were able to arrested him on 27 March after a family friend recognised Hammer from the images, KIRO 7 reported.

It followed another incident on 19 March, in which two Asian-American women were allegedly targeted by Hammer by blocking them from driving off, and shouting “F*** you, Asian!”

Both incidents were within days of the spa shooting in Atlanta, in which six women of Asian descent were killed — Hammer himself wrote on Facebook about the city’s mayor demanding for an end to hate crimes.

A report by the Post Millennial identified him as an activist and supporter of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party, following the charges.

Hammer allegedly took part in Black Lives Matter protests in downtown Seattle last summer, which he videoed for Facebook, and often wrote anti-Trump and anti-Republican tweets.

A judge set Hammer’s bail at $10,000 (£7,252) on Friday, while his attorney said the 51-year-old was was a veteran of the US Navy and suffered from mental illness, KATU 2 reported.

It is just one of a number of recent alleged crimes against the US’s Asian community.

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