Late-night hosts ridicule Trump as hell-bent on spreading coronavirus with rallies

The comedians of late-night TV are united on at least one front: President Donald Trump’s most recent rally in Nevada was a dangerous move.

Thousands of Trump supporters attended the president’s Sunday night rally, held in violation of the state’s coronavirus restrictions that prohibit indoor events of more than 50 people. Social distancing was not enforced, and masks were not mandatory.

As such, the event has the potential to spur a coronavirus outbreak — and late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noah promptly took the president to task during their respective Monday night shows.

“Of course, Donald Trump doesn’t care if people die,” Mr Colbert claimed on his show. “Case in point, he’s gone back to holding rallies.” The Late Night host then cited a doctor who alleged that Trump’s Nevada rally is equivalent to “negligent homicide”.

Mr Meyers told his audience that this isn’t the first time Mr Trump has acted negligently — back in June, the president’s indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was blamed as the source of a coronavirus surge in the area.

“If you were actively trying to get people sick, this is how you would do it,” Mr Meyers said. “The only way he could spread the virus more efficiently is to hold a rally at a meatpacking plant and charge one French kiss for admission.”

As for Mr Noah, the Daily Show host branded Mr Trump “president of the United States and one-man super spreader” in response to his reckless Nevada rally.

“How are you going to call yourself the president of law and order when you’re openly flouting the law?” Mr Noah asked. “This isn’t just about breaking the law. What Donald Trump is doing here is actually dangerous.”

Mr Fallon, meanwhile, joked that “the next long-term residency in Las Vegas will be the coronavirus.”

“Well, guys, Election Day is now less than 50 days away,” he noted on Monday’s Tonight Show. “The only thing coming sooner than November 3 is a Covid test for anyone who went to the president’s indoor rally last night. What is President Trump doing holding a packed, mask-less rally in Las Vegas? Even old ladies smoking at the slot machines were like, ‘I wouldn’t set foot in there.'”

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