A Russian Fig is Not a Fig

Oh, the magnificent fig. By that I suggest: Oh, the convoluted, overwhelmed, sexually consumed, bizarre word. First off, is not the fruit called fig. That s p. Second, it s either (masc.) or a (fem.) which is weird.

Third, it may have originated from the French however most likely originally originated from the Italian, yet way back before that it originated from the Latin or Greek. Maybe. Or maybe not. No one is sure. It s like the word always existed.

4th, a is words for the hand motion of a thumb in between the index as well as center fingers, which, depending on the country, period as well as speaker, represents the female genitalia, male genitalia or the act of copulation. The motion is likewise called y in Russian.

Fifth, that gesture, which appears to have actually come from the Mediterranean lands although possibly it originated from India; no person understands has actually circumnavigated the globe, choosing and shedding up new meanings as it goes, ranging from nothing to screw you to the kiddie game I obtained your nose. Sixth, you can make the gesture with your hand in your pocket called epa y apae (to flip a person the bird behind their back) which is a method of informing somebody where to leave without, claim, being discharged for sincerity.

is one sly little word.

But many interesting of all, can be used as a type of alternative to a Very Bad Word in a lots various expressions, which are truly just combinations of prepositions and also. I m fairly sure that you might drop in love, obtain married, battle, divorce, come back with each other once more, get rich, lose all your money, as well as understand it doesn t matter all with and prepositions.

Allow s begin with the gesture. Today in Russia, when you show someone y usually suggests nothing or you re not obtaining anything or I wear t have anything. When your next-door neighbor who consumes alcohol way too much, obtains money from you to drink excessive, and also never ever pays you back the money he borrowed to consume alcohol way too much shows up at your door and also asks to borrow extra, you can merely make the gesture as well as wave it in his face. This indicates: Nope! For emphasis you can yell or ee: e a?. (Are you mosting likely to provide me some money? No other way.)

To claim that you put on t have any type of money, you can say: e a e! (I m completely damaged!)

or y can additionally indicate: Hard no. a ce ye ocop. yae epo? y! (Look at yourself! You think you re a hero? In your desires, man!)

And then allow s pause at, which indicates rubbish, something terrible or insignificant. If you most likely to the theater and can hardly maintain your eyes open during the first act, you could claim: a y, aa-o. oe, o oca? (For cripe s sake, what a load of crap. What do you claim we get out of here?) And also if you stay to the end however truly wish you hadn t, you can claim: o a oco ace (Complete rubbish!)

The expression a oco ace actually means rubbish on Lenten oil, that is, nonsense so negative that it wasn t also on butter. It doesn t really make good sense, yet you understand: something bad that is doubly negative on Lenten oil. Today the joke is: ae y air conditioning a oco ace, a ceac a aoo. o: pae ae a ye! (In the past, our rubbish was on Lenten oil, and also now it s on hand oil. Verdict: in the past, also our rubbish was much better!)

If you want to share the heck with it/someone, use c: y c. yc cea. (The heck with them. Allow them gossip all they desire.) This is useful when your loved one remains in Day Four of Fixing the Washing Machine and you actually, really, truly want to contact someone with actual expertise: y, e oyoc c e. (So you couldn t repair it screw it.)

And then there is a, which is a somewhat nicer way of saying something that normally utilizes the Very Bad Word: o a, ypo! (Go screw yourself, you sneak!) It can additionally imply something like what the heck for: e o a e ye (I need that like an opening in the head!)

However due to the fact that this word is so sly, keep in mind the distinction between a and also a a, which suggests ae (what for): a e oya? (Why the heck did I purchase it?)

o a suggests a lot of something. a/c o a apoy o oa yp (Tons of individuals desire to vacation in Turkey). paa o a ee (My bro has loads of money).

a cee or ace is a general exclamation of awe, negative or great. When you get to the clinic for the booster dose and also can t get in the door for all individuals, you claim: a cee oepe! (Cripes, will certainly you consider that line!) When somebody tells you they stood in line for five hours to obtain a booster, you can respond: ace! (Holy crap!)

o or o y suggests that you don t treatment in all concerning something. a c o y, poe coe o (They wear t offer a crap about anything but the bottom line). ee o poe (You don t provide a crap regarding my problems).

I believe there are much more expressions, but you understand, now: e ye o y.

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