Lawyers file for retrial in sex trafficking instance over juror’s revelations

Ghislaine Maxwell juror states’ brutal ‘test considerations left them in tears while socialite was ‘like a stone’Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawful team have formally requested her sentence to be reversed and the case go to a retrial, complying with discoveries that one of the jurors in her sex-trafficking situation was himself a victim of sexual assault.

In a letter to the court, Maxwell’s legal representatives composed that they have filed her “motion for a new test”.

They added:” For the factors stated in the movement, we request that all submissions concerning juror No. 50 continue to be under seal up until the court policies on the motion.”

Following Maxwell’s sentence on five counts of sex trafficking and also other crimes, it emerged that one of the jurors in the trial had himself been a target of sexual abuse. The juror No. 50, Scotty David, told a number of news electrical outlets that he had actually been abused as a child as well as stated he spoke to the other jurors of his experience of being sexually abused.Maxwell’s legal group are arguing that Mr David’s remarks necessitate a retrial.

Read in full: Ghislaine Maxwell submits request for retrial over juror’s discovery of very own sexual abuse Legal Representatives for Ghislaine Maxwell have actually formally requested her conviction be reversed and the situation go to a retrial, after one of the jurors in her top-level situation exposed he was himself a sufferer of sexual assault as a minor.Maxwell, 60, was convicted

on five counts of sex trafficking as well as various other criminal activities for recruiting and brushing adolescent girls to have sexual experiences with the late sponsor and convicted sex wrongdoer Jeffrey Epstein.Read the breaking newspaper article below: Holly Bancroft 20 January 2022 08:14

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