Tom Brady tosses Lombardi Trophy off boat at floating Super Bowl victory parade

Brady and tight-end Rob Gronkowski led the alcohol-soaked celebrations along the city’s Hillsborough River on Wednesday.

Tom Brady celebrated his latest Super Bowl win in risky style by throwing the Lombardi Trophy off his boat during a floating parade in the city.

Fortunately for the legendary quarterback the trophy was caught by his teammates on another boat bobbing 10 yards away.

And he seemed to have such a good time, that after the event he took to Twitter and said: “Nothing to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila.”

The post also featured video of Brady getting a helping hand back onto dry land as he was escorted away by a man with his arms around him.

Event organisers felt it was the safest way to throw a parade during a pandemic and fans were allowed to take their boats on the water if they stayed at least 50 feet away from the team’s boats.

Brady took to the water in his multi-million dollar 40-foot boat, which is named “Viva a Vida.”

The boat shares its name with Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen’s environmental conservation initiative.

His win in Sunday’s Super Bowl over the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs was his seventh title, after winning six as the quarterback of the New England Patriots.

Gronkowski was excited about the event before he took to the water.

“You think every other person’s boat is going to be dope?!” he said in a Twitter video.

“Hell no! Their boats are going to suck! This boat’s going to sink!”

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