Two arrested in California after dismembered body found on golf course

The Sheriff’s Office Dive team discovered the human remains at Blacklake Golf Course in Nipomo but the identity of the body has not yet been released pending coroners verification.

Two people in California have been arrested in connection with murder following the discovery of a dismembered body on a golf course, authorities have said.

Kimberly Machleit, 35, and Donald Anderson, 37, both from Santa Maria, were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday, KTLA reported.

“It appears that the victim was murdered in the city of Santa Maria and dismembered before being disposed of at the golf course in December 2018,” the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said.

The remains were discovered on the gold course as part of an ongoing investigation into a missing person case, police said.

Police said that the victim had been missing for two years and said that the suspects and the victim knew each other.

Ms Machleit and Mr Anderson are being held on $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 bail respectively, authorities said. Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Black woman called police officer ‘master’ as she begged for help upside down in patrol car

A black woman desperately called a white police officer “Master” as she was left upside down in a patrol car for 21 minutes, shocking new video shows.

Shataeah Kelly was caught on video telling the officer she could not breathe and begging for help after she slipped off the backseat headfirst onto the floor.

The body cam footage was released during a hearing in Aurora, Colorado, where officer Levi Huffine is appealing his February 20202 firing over the incident.

It shows Kelly, 28, shouting and crying  while the officer allegedly ignored her as she struggled.

“I never knew how bad a heart could feel until I watched that video, and I was like, ‘How could you treat another person like that?’” Kelly told Fox News 31.

“Animals don’t even deserve to be treated like that, and what you did was you treated me less than the dirt on the ground.”

She was arrested before the August 2019 incident for fighting with another woman in a park.

Ms Kelly says she supports Aurora police chief Vanessa Wilson’s decision to fire the officer.

“Chief, if you hear me, you’re doing the right thing,” she said.

“I really appreciate you hearing my story.  You understand where my heart was. You understand that wrong is wrong and right is right.”

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