Amber Heard charges actor of sex attack as he call ex-wife ‘uncontrollable liar’

Under cross exam, Christi Dembrowski, was asked by Heard’s legal representatives if she had actually become aware that Depp “was utilizing alcohol and drugs exceedingly” while the pair were together.

“I had actually become aware that he was consuming alcohol, and also when they were dating I became aware of a certain drug, yes,” she said. “I don’t understand that I claimed exceedingly, however that he was consuming.”

Ben Rottenborn after that asked her if she “understood he was using drug?”

“I never ever saw him make use of anything like that. I familiarized individuals stating that,” she replied. And the attorney asked if she had told her sibling to stop using the drug.

Johnny Depp’s sibling states she does not remember texting star concerning 2014 drinking as well as substance abuse

“I don’t understand that I bear in mind informing him to stop making use of drug, I bear in mind telling him that anything he was doing he must stop doing,”she informed the court.The jury was after that shown a text from 25 February 2014, which Heard’s lawyers claim she informed her sibling to quit”alcohol consumption”as well as using” coke “and “tablets.”

“I created words,” she informed the court.She was asked if she composed them after Depp had been”on a bender reccently.”She stated she did not remember creating the message “or anything concerning it always.”

“I was most likely not joking, possibly I was repeating something that someone else had actually told me,”she recommended.”You were informing him to stop drinking, drug as well as tablets as you thought he had an issue,”said Mr Rottenborn.Ms Dembrowski claimed she had not experienced”benders”and also” did not know what was happening at that time, I do not recall anything regarding that time.”

“I understand what words are yet I do not understand what the contexts are,” she said.She was then asked if she was” anxious “regarding her brothers use of alcohol, tablets as well as medicines.” I do not recognize,”she addressed. She was asked if the “did not enjoy “her sibling’s practices in the days leading up to 25 February 2014.”

I do not recall any person’s behavior in 2014, I do not remember February 2014, “she said.She was then revealed various other texts between her and also Amber Heard in 2014 concerning Depp’s behavior back then. “I remember this period and what Amber was believing he was doing, “she claimed.

“I still don’t recall having an extreme worry at around this moment. I have actually had concerns throughout the years but I do not remember having it. To be truthful, she would certainly create thigns or describe points on a regular basis and also it was a little bit extra significant perhaps than what we understood it to be, or perhaps the circumstances were different from what she was defining,”she said.She was again asked if she”did not love”her bro’s behaviour in February 2014, and also refuted witnessing anything that others had claimed seeing.

“What I had learnt through her in these messages, I did not actually love where life was at this time,”she said.

She was asked why she ahd writeen”where are the youngsters?”in a text and if she was worried regarding the impact on the chidlren of Depp’s alcohol and also substance abuse.”No,”she said.She was then asked why she had composed “worry about whatever” in a message to Heard, and also clarified she was” anxious about what life was.”

“What was going on in life was Mr Depp’s drug and alcohol abuse, deal with?”the legal representative asked.”What was going on in life was someone frequently pointing out some kind of alcohol and drug abuse,”she said, but confessed was “not unjust in all “for Heard to aim it out.She added that Heard’s claims had been” exaggerated.”

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