Kremlin Says Ukraine Rebels Have Asked Russia for ‘Help’ Against Kyiv

The Kremlin on Wednesday said the heads of eastern Ukraine’s rebel republics have asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for «aid» to «drive away aggressiveness» from the Ukrainian military.

Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the separatist republics «ask the president of Russia for help in warding off the aggression of the armed forces in Ukraine.» The statement was carried by Russian state information agencies.

The West has been alerting that Russia can launch a strike on Ukraine anytime, with 10s of countless troops stationed at its boundaries.

Peskov said Putin had gotten a letter from the heads of the Donetsk as well as Lugansk republics, which he identified as independent this week.

» The activities of the Kyiv program demonstrate the aversion to finish the war in Donbas,» Peskov estimated the letter as claiming.

He stated the heads of the republics had actually requested for Putin’s assistance «on the basis» of relationship treaties they signed with Moscow today.

The relationship contracts Putin signed with the rebels unlocked to the visibility of the Russian army on their region.

On Tuesday, Russian legislators provided Putin authorization for making use of the Russian military abroad.

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