A fatal bodega row and also the fierce video that may help storekeeper Jose Alba walk cost-free

I t all started over a$ 3 bag of potato chips.It finished with a 37-year-old guy lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor of a bodega and a 62-year-old shopkeeper billed with his murder. But, the situation is much from clear cut.

The fatal occurrence was recorded on shocking surveillance footage revealing 37-year-old Austin Simon assaulting 62-year-old Jose Alba prior to Mr Alba pulled a blade and stabbed him to death.A criminal attorney tells The Independent that the visuals video clip is most likely the key to the bodega worker’s launch from prison as she defined the choice to charge him in the first place as «unfathomable «under New York’s self-defence laws.

The harmful occurrence It was around 11pm on Friday (1 July)when the NYPD said that Mr Simon’s partner and also her young daughter entered the Bluemoon Convenient Store in Harlem where Mr Alba has actually worked behind the counter for decades.The sweetheart, that has actually not been openly named, wanted to buy a bag of chips for her child however she didn’t have sufficient money to spend for them, said police.

At that point, she presumably ran out of the shop to obtain her boyfriend.What happens following was captured on surveillance video inside the store.In it, Mr Simon is seen suddenly going into the room behind the counter where Mr Alba is serving customers.

He challenges Mr Alba and also strongly shoves the 62-year-old versus the shelves.Mr Alba drops back and lands in a chair by the wall.A hand is seen reaching nonprescription throughout the incident.Mr Simon continues to square up in the store employee’s face shouting at him the person in front of the counter. There is no sound in the footage.

The 37-year-old after that gets hold of Mr Alba by the rear of his t shirt as well as draws him up out of his chair out of the counter area.Shocking security video reveals deadly clash in NYC bodega At that point, the bodega employee gets a blade from some shelves and begins to stab Mr Simon.The two men battle with much of the mayhem unraveling off camera.Mr Alba after that shows up back on the cam a couple of secs later covered in blood and also holding the bloodied blade. He touches a stab injury on his very own left arm.

Police stated that the 62-year-old stabbed Mr Simon in the neck and chest.During the event, Mr Simon’s sweetheart likewise created her own blade as well as stabbed Mr Alba in the arm, cops said.Mr Simon was hurried to hospital where he died from his injuries.Mr Alba additionally suffered 2 stab injuries in each arm in the case, according to Francisco Marte , head of state of the Bodega as well as Small Business Group Association.

Charged with murder Mr Alba was arrested on the scene and was billed with second-degree murder as well as criminal possession of a weapon.He was sent to the notorious Rikers Island prison and also a court purchased him to be hung on$250,000 bond— less than half the $500,000 prosecutors asked for.Prosecutors had actually argued that Mr Alba was a trip risk since the Dominican Republic native had a vacation prepared there.Meanwhile, no charges have been brought versus Mr Simon’s partner for stabbing the bodega worker.The instance— in addition to the abnormally high bond in the city— stimulated outcry from Mr Alba’s family along with participants of the area who say the well-liked store worker without criminal record had no selection when he came under fire.

«It was either him or the person presently,» Mr Alba’s child Yulissa informed The New York Post.»He’s never harmed anybody. He’s never had a run-in where he needed to protect himself. This is the very first time for him.»Mayor Eric Adams has additionally come out in support of Mr Alba saying his»heart pursues this hard-working, honest New Yorker «in a press conference on Thursday.»My heart pursues this hard-working, honest New Yorker that was doing his job in his workplace, where a person was available in and also went behind the counter and also struck him,»he said.

Hours later on, a court accepted reduce his bond to$50,000 and also his family, with the aid of the bodega proprietor, had the ability to publish the$ 5,000 bond to launch him from Rikers Island.He was also purchased to surrender his ticket, wear an ankle joint screen as well as remain within the 5 boroughs of New York City.Mr Alba’s attorney Danielle Jackson of Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem stated in court that he has» every objective»of going back to court to remove his name.Prosecutors had up until Thursday to either launch Mr Alba on bond or bring the fees prior to a grand court.

The DA’s office stated in a declaration to The Independent that it had actually reduced the requested bond following «conversations «with Mr Alba’s legal group.»Those 4 facets of the bundle, the bail amount, the surrender of the passport, the digital monitoring, and also the travel restrictions, are the problems that our company believe will certainly ensure the offender’s return to court while individuals remain to examine this case,» the statement read.

The Independent has reached out to Mr Alba’s member of the family for remark. Austin Simon is seen shoving bodega employee Jose Alba at the beginning of the altercation(Bluemoon corner store)While the community has actually supported Mr Alba, records show that Mr Simon has actually had several brushes with the law and got on parole at the time for supposedly attacking a police officer.Attempts by The Independent to get to Mr Austin’s family members for remark were unsuccessful.Mr Simon’s ex-wife Tiana told the New York Daily News that her former partner was»not a monster&»however was a dedicated husband and dad to his nine kids.»

Everyone is judging him on a clip of video clip. He’s not the beast that they’re trying to make him feel like,»she said.She likewise differed that Mr Alba acted in self-defence, stating that him stabbing Mr Simon several times was»excessive». Self-defence or murder?Katherine Fernandez, criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Julie Rendelman in New York, tells The Independent that— having seen the security video clip she thinks it referred self-defence. Under New York regulation, a person is warranted in operation physical force versus one more in self-defence when they have a practical belief that deadly or brewing physical pressure is going to be used versus them; when the accused is not the preliminary aggressor; and also when the offender has actually made an effort to pull back if it is secure to do so.

Ms Fernandez says that the footage reveals Mr Alba can suggest all of those points.»Looking at the video, it is very crucial to keep in mind that Jose Alba is in a really constrained work area as well as the man enters the location behind the sales register where he is not intended to be,»she says.»This person can be found in, he right away stands up near him in his face … The deceased is plainly the first assailant.»She adds:»Clearly the deceased is exceptionally aggressive. He presses him down and also actually quits Alba from leaving.

«And as Alba attempts to stand up— and also this is important as he has an obligation to try to retreat— the man orders him … that’s when he takes out the knife.»Whether or not Mr Simon was equipped with any type of tools at the time is not necessarily relevant under the self-defence law.The lawyer says that it is essential what was claimed in between the two guys in the interaction.If Mr Simon made a verbal danger to kill Mr Alba then that would lead him to believe that fatal physical force will be utilized on him.But with Mr Simon now dead, the precise words made use of might be difficult to prove.

Nevertheless, the burden of evidence gets on the prosecution to show that Mr Alba planned to eliminate Mr Simon.»I don’t see directly exactly how they can,»says Ms Fernandez.The criminal protection lawyer says it is» outrageous» that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s workplace brought murder charges versus the 62-year-odl bodega employee.»I think it’s outrageous they’re entering into a grand jury with that fee,» she says.» I believe Alvin Bragg is making a big blunder right here. We have a city filled with criminal offense for the last two years and also we have a store employee— a guy that from what I’ve heard concerns function each and every single day as well as has actually never remained in any kind of problem safeguarding himself and the store when he is endangered over a bag of potato chips.»

It’s unfathomable.» New video New security video footage has because arised of the minutes leading up to the deadly stabbing, recording Mr Alba trying to diffuse the escalating circumstance by informing Me Simon «I do not desire an issue, papa»when he initially challenges him behind the counter.The video, acquired by the New York Post, records the preliminary interaction between Mr Alba and Mr Simon’s partner that brought about the disagreement and— with audio— what the two men stated to every various other prior to things transformed physical.Mr Alba is seen at the counter continuously attempting to run Mr Simon’s girlfriend’s digital advantages card via the card machine but it is decreased.

Jose Alba is seen at the counter repetitively attempting to run Austin Simon’s sweetheart’s electronic benefits card through the card machine however it is decreased(New York Post )When he informs her thefirst time thatthe settlement was declined, she is heard asking him:» $3? … Did you placed food?»The woman urges that there is money on the card, saying: «I’m mosting likely to call it before you and also I’m going to let you hear them.» Mr Alba responds:»OK, mother, let me do it afterward. My God.»

«There’s cash on there,»she replies.The deal does not help a second time and also the exchange comes to be extra stressful, with some of the interaction inaudible as they talk over each other.»That’s not my issue. If it’s not functioning, it’s not working,»he says.The video footage, which has actually been edited, misses ahead to Mr Alba offering other customers, prior to&the woman begins yelling from somewhere else in the store.During that time, Mr Alba purportedly took the bag of chips from the woman’s child however that minute is not seen in&the video.

«You can not touch my child. Do not nab that out of my little girl, you f *** ing item of shit,»she shouts.»I’m gon na bring my n **** down right here and he gon na f *** you up. My n **** is gon na come down right here now as well as f *** you up!»Mr Alba is listened to yelling back:

«That’s not my fault, it’s not functioning. That’s not my mistake, it’s not working.»The 61-year-old continues to offer customers when Mr Simon is as well as gets in the store listened to yelling to the bodega employee to»come out, come out».»Papa, I do not want a problem, papa,»Mr Alba tells him.Mr Simon strolls past the consumer area of the counter as well as goes into the employee’s counter area, claiming»What’s up with you? N **** what is wrong with you?» A consumer at the counter reaches her arm through and tries to get

Mr Simon’s focus, in a noticeable effort to calm the scenario, while Mr Simon’s girlfriend additionally comes back behind the counter as well as continues shouting something inaudible.The struggle and also deadly stabbing has been edited out of this footage.The video clip following cuts to the after-effects with Mr Simon lying on the flooring behind the counter while his sweetheart screams:» That was over $3. 3 f *** ing dollars. He seized something out of my child … please assistance him.»Mr Alba is seen speaking to a male client over-the-counter, stating «they come in below». No person appears to be attempting to carry out medical aid to Mr Simon in the clip. Mr Alba is then seen telephoning on his phone and an NYPD officer arrives. Footage reveals Jose Alba informing Austin Simon he doesn’t want’a trouble’ prior to fatal occurrence(New York Post) Footage from a 3rd video camera, obtained by the Post, shows the struggle in between the two men and Mr Simon’s girlfriend also grabbing Mr Alba in the fight.

Mr Alba is seen consistently stabbing Mr Simon as both men grapple.

The female appears to take her own knife from her handbag and also stab Mr Alba.What now?Based on her proficiency— and on the initial security video footage alone— Ms Fernandez states the case against Mr Alba will not even make it to trial.The evidence will initially have to be presented before a grand court which will certainly identify whether there is enough evidence to move on with the charges.Ms Fernandez says it is «really rare»for a grand court to fall a situation— yet she thinks that this will be one of those exceptions.»Usually it is pretty easy [to be indicted by a grand court],»she claims, as just 16 out of 23 members of the general public need to locate affordable reason&for a crime.»But here, I assume when they play that video clip I believe there’s an excellent shot they’ll blow out the murder case.

«Mr Alba could instead encounter lower costs such&as negligent endangerment,&she says.However, that could additionally be a hard sell to a jury after they have at first charged Mr Alba of second-degree murder, which is a charge that the murder was intentional.»&The grand jury could also squash the entire situation against Mr Alba to make sure that [the DA] can’t also bring any type of lesser costs,» she states.» It’s really uncommon for that to take place however my suspicion is that if they opt for murder two I think it will certainly be burnt out by the grand jury.

«The grand court date has actually currently been established for 20 July.The DA’s office did not respond to The Independent’s questions regarding whether it still plans to take the second-degree murder charge to the grand jury or whether any charges anticipated for Mr Simon’s girlfriend.But in the meantime, there is no favorable outcome for either event in the tragic case.Mr Alba is dealing with life behind bars. As well as Mr Simon’s life is currently over.

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