Farmers warned of food crisis in Britain

The head of the National Union of Farmers of Great Britain, Minette Butters, announced the country’s increased dependence on food imports, which would only increase in the event of withdrawal from the EU without a full agreement.

An official statement by Ms. Butters, published on the organization’s website, states that “Britain will run out of food by August 7, 2019 if the British are fed only British-made food starting January 1, 2019.

The head of the industry organization also said that according to the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture of the UK (Defra) for 2017, only 60% of food was consumed in Britain, while this indicator continued to decline over the years. Minette Barters noted that British farmers will face serious challenges in terms of access to the EU labor market and trade in general if the authorities fail to reach an agreement with Brussels:

“The UK farming sector may be one of the most vulnerable segments of the economy in the event of a poor Brexit, so maintaining a free and unhindered trade agreement with the EU and access to a reliable and skilled workforce for farming is critical to the future of the industry.”

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