Junior sergeant left four children for grandmothers, for the sake of army games

The best masters of armored vehicles can now be women. This was proved by the first such team in the country. In the army games, however, so far participated outside the competition, but on a par with men. The teams of Russia, China, Egypt and Venezuela competed at the international stage.

Today, the participants had a team relay: SUVs and trucks took turns passing the 12-kilometer highway. How the weaker sex proved that it is not weak — it can be seen on exclusive footage from the cabs of jumping KamAZ trucks.

Refused manicure and left four children to grandmothers to drive KamAZ. Junior sergeant Vasechkina admits — before, she only looked at large cars — in the service. She is the dispatcher. I decided to get behind the wheel for the sake of the army games, seeing how a multi-ton truck dances a waltz. She received category “C” in March, and she had to become a racer quickly.

— I have a regular sedan at home, which I have been driving for 15 years. And when I was first brought to this KamAZ and they say — sit down and go! I say how? Here the wheel is bigger than me, I don’t even know how to start it, in general how to do it. There were such situations that not every training session we reached the finish line, ”said Elena Vasechkina, dispatcher at the 147th automobile base.

At the start, they are noticeably nervous when a female SUV does not return from the track. We calculated three of their cars should be in time in 40 minutes. It’s scary to watch KamAZ trucks jump over such “tire plowing” and concrete bumps. What is happening inside at this moment, you can not comment. These fragile drivers literally hold onto the wheel. The truck is covered with a wave of dirt — it is in the cab, the “windshield” just blackens. But the women’s team withstands. It brings the Egyptians — their KamAZ «jumps out» of the highway.

The streak of failure does not end. These games are generally rich in incidents. Here the Egyptian SUV breaks at the ford — the disk is bent, the wheel is changed. Repair time, of course, will be deducted, but the team is clearly already on the verge. The Chinese KamAZ and goes off the road, and stalls — this is a fine minute. The team is not optimistic about their bad luck.

“We learned a lot here.” First of all, with your drivers. As a result, we overcame the track faster than before. Although the primer with its sharp turns and, of course, clayey swamp, remains the most difficult for us, ”said the driver of Tien Xin.

The Chinese truck was disqualified even once in these games. Before the passage of the hydrodrome, it was found that wings and mudguards disappeared from the “double-spider”. In water, they literally slow down the car, increasing resistance. And this despite the fact that all competitive cars on the eve of the competition must be examined for over-modifications — they are strictly prohibited here. As a result, the car was removed right from the start.

The most beautiful finish, of course, is female. But it does the male half of the team, despite the soiled form of the very first members of the Armigra.

They, although out of the game, but also on the podium. One of these military racers even gets a car. By the way, they performed no worse than men — they say that the Venezuelans could well compete for the bronze.

— The women’s team, I will say the language of the athletes who participate, went wheel to wheel, nostril to nostril with men. This is an honor. Girls! It’s beautiful, right? I will definitely report to the Minister of Defense that from next year I will announce participation in international competitions, including women’s teams, ”said Dmitry Bulgakov, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The upper stage of the podium is ours again, and while the team rises there, the applause does not stop. Russians are the best for the fourth year in a row. China has silver. These games will be remembered and a record of three thousand spectators. But the prisoners of the “masters of armored vehicles” run the risk of not seeing anymore — their next competition may take place in the suburbs.

In the Voronezh region found the remains of 12 Red Army men

Twelve Soviet soldiers found search engines near the village of Abrosimovo in the Bogucharsky district. The soldiers were buried in the Italian dugout. According to the stories of local residents, the dead Red Army soldiers were buried in the spring of 1943. This dugout on military maps and schemes Bogucharians searched for almost two years.

Helped in the search for randomly found buttons with an overcoat. During Operation Little Saturn in December 1942, Soviet troops stormed the second line of Italian defense in this field. The Nazis hosted here for six months — their flasks, plates and a lot of cartridges were preserved in the former dugout.

Fierce battles at Popasnaya beam lasted almost four days. Killed more than a thousand soldiers. Found fighters, according to search engines, are no more than 25 years old. At one of them a bullet pierced the helmet right through. Near the remnants of a decaying overcoat, a personalized mouthpiece was discovered.

“It was written“ Shura ”from two sides, but there are initials here — M. I. Here stood the 38th Guards Rifle Division, the 315th Regiment. Now we’ll try to find these initials through the archives, ”said Nikolay Novikov, the commander of the Pamyat search squad.

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