Lukashenko announces intention to change government

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced plans «to replace the entire leadership of the government» due to failure to fulfill his instructions.

During a meeting with the government on Tuesday, August 14, Alexander Lukashenko criticized a number of ministers, demanding «make proposals to replace the entire government leadership.»

In fact, the Minister of Industry and the Minister of Architecture and Construction were dismissed. According to the Belta agency, Alexander Lukashenko “simply warned” other ministers:

“The reason for the non-fulfillment of instructions is the government’s partial attitude towards the orders of the president. Therefore, this week to make proposals to replace the entire leadership of the government, the entire top of the reserve of personnel that I have formed. Stop looking into their mouths and they will tell us how difficult it is for them, how difficult it is for them!

There were different points of view, but we made agreed decisions. No one objected one and a half to two years ago. Therefore, I even more demand an answer to the question why the agreed decisions formalized by the head of state were not implemented? The meeting participants need objective assessments and concrete proposals on issues that need to be addressed. Why did the president’s instructions fail and fail? I do not pose any other questions for you. Do not try to paint me a rainbow picture until 2025 and 2035.

Strict reprimand for Sherstnev for an ugly irresponsible attitude to the assigned case. According to government leadership, I said. Vovka, Cherny (Minister of Architecture and Construction. — approx. «Belta») immediately dismissed. Dvigalev and Zasyu (chairman of the State Military Commissariat of Industry and Secretary of State for the Security Council. — note «Belta») — full official discrepancy. They will not correct the matter by the fall, they will not report to me for each enterprise, they will go there too. I simply warn all other responsible and others. ”

Novak: the main condition for gas transit through Ukraine is the settlement of litigation

In an interview with Russia 24 TV channel, the head of the Russian Ministry of Energy noted that the main condition for continuing gas supplies through Ukrainian territory after 2020 is the settlement of ongoing litigation. Alexander Novak called the tripartite talks held in Berlin constructive. The next stage of negotiations will be held in October 2018.

— Alexander Valentinovich, good afternoon! Negotiations have just passed, or rather, consultations on the transit of Russian gas to the EU. What are the first results?

— Indeed, negotiations have just passed. They passed in a rather constructive manner, and with the European Commission, and with our Ukrainian colleagues discussed the possibility of gas transit from 2020, after the contract for the supply of gas to European consumers through Ukraine is completed.

In general, we exchanged information on our positions. Our position, which was voiced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Helsinki, is understandable: we, in principle, are ready to ensure the continuation of the contract starting in 2020. The main condition is the settlement of all disagreements that are still being considered in the Stockholm arbitration court, and for that so that we can clearly understand the terms of the contract from 2020, and changes in the legislation that are taking place in Ukraine, transit conditions, we agreed to hold the following consultations in October.

The main result of our negotiations is that we will continue this work in order to find compromise solutions that would be beneficial for gas suppliers, in particular the Russian Federation, as well as for European consumers, taking into account the development of the gas transportation infrastructure as a whole and the possibility of using the gas transportation infrastructure of Ukraine.

— Was there any clear figures? Previously, the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, said that the option of delivering 10-15 billion cubic meters of gas per year (through Ukrainian territory — ed.) Is being considered or is it out of the question?

— In the end, we did not agree on the numbers. For this, an expert group from among our representatives, representatives of the European Union and Ukraine will work. In general, today we discussed the further increase in gas consumption in Europe. Imports will grow even more, because domestic production is falling. The growth of gas exports from Russia may range from 10% to 15%.

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