Russia has something to answer to American sanctions

“In Russia, the opinion is now very widespread that, by and large, there is nothing to answer to American sanctions,” says Alexander Razuvaev, director of the Alpari analytical department. — However, in fact, this is far from the case.

Russia may declare a moratorium on the payment of sovereign and corporate debts in favor of the United States and European Union countries. This also applies to dividends on local shares and ADRs of Russian companies. Over the past year, the amount of dividends on Russian chips amounted to 1.7 trillion rubles. And the share of non-residents in securities traded on the markets is 30-35%, 10 years ago before the war on 08/08/08 and the collapse of Lehman Brothers — 50%.

And, of course, geopolitics. Russia must step up the consolidation of the Eurasian space. First of all, in the framework of the Eurasian Union — Belarus and Kazakhstan. The basis should be taken by the implemented model of the European Union. Ideally, the creation of the Eurasian Confederation is a common currency, a single foreign and defense policy.

Unlike Europe, it will be easier for Russia, since the Collective Security Treaty Organization already exists, the economies of Kazakhstan and especially Belarus are still very much tied to the Russian economy. It’s only right to consider the idea of ​​a supranational Eurasian currency, and not to impose the Russian ruble on Minsk and Astana. ”

Novosibirets received a medal for the study of electromagnetic accelerators

Novosibirsk scientist Gennady Shvetsov received a prestigious international award for the study of electromagnetic accelerators.

Gennady Shvetsov with a medal

According to information from the SB RAS, Novosibirsk was awarded the Harry Fair medal in France during an international symposium.

“The acceleration of solids to high speeds and the study of high-speed impact on various obstacles is a classic task of mechanics. Of interest to science and applications are usually two speed ranges: «space» <…> and «artillery» <…>. The first is related to the safety of space flights, the second to the defense industry, ”the scientist’s words are quoted on the SB RAS website.

Gennady Shvetsov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, works as the head of the Laboratory of High Energy Density Physics, IGiL SB RAS.

At the SB RAS, the study of electromagnetic acceleration methods began in the early 1960s. The initiator of the research was academician Sergei Korolev.

Reference: the Harry Fair medal was established in May 2010, it bears the name of an American scientist, a pioneer in the study of electromagnetic acceleration methods. The prize is awarded to researchers who have achieved high results in this field and have shown many years of dedication.

In February, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science summed up the results of a project competition for the implementation of the National Technological Initiative — scientists from the Novosibirsk Technical University received 51 million rubles.

The Ministry of Defense will pick up the owners of Toyota Prado and Volkswagen Touareg in case of war

The Ministry of Defense intends to pick up civilian cars in case of martial law, Izvestia reports. For the needs of the army, first of all, domestic cars will be needed, but if they are not enough, then SUVs like Toyota Prado or Volkswagen Touareg will be used.

Toyota Prado

“In the event of martial law, these vehicles can be temporarily mobilized for the needs of the army, until new vehicles arrive from the storage depots. Compensation is supposed to be paid to the owners for using their cars, ”the Ministry of Defense specified.

The Ministry of Defense noted that not only the traffic police and the Federal State Statistics Service, but also the Federal Tax Service transmit data on the cars to them. A card is made for each machine, where the inspection data will be indicated.

Voronezh constellation Concern won a dispute with the Ministry of Defense in the Arbitration

JSC Concern Constellation won a lawsuit with the Ministry of Defense. During the process, the amount of the penalty that the Ministry of Defense was trying to recover from the company was reduced from 845 to 700 million rubles. This was reported in the press service of the concern.

The penalty was presented by the plaintiff under one of the major contracts executed by the concern. Thanks to the joint work of lawyers and technical specialists of the enterprise, the court reduced it by 700 million rubles, the press service of the concern said. The defendant was able to prove the non-fulfillment of counter obligations by the Ministry of Defense.

Concern Constellation, whose head office is located in Voronezh, specializes in the development and production of complexes, systems and communications for the army and other special forces, as well as dual-use and civilian products.

The military departments of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation are being reformed into military training centers.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Nikolai Pankov, a “unified unified structure” will be created for civilian universities under the name of the Military Training Center (VUZ).
“On the basis of military training centers and military departments, a single structure is being created, a single vertical is created by the Military Educational Center,” said Pankov. “He will implement all 3 military training programs: training reserve officers, staff officers, soldiers and reserve sergeants.”

The changes were discussed with university rectors and approved. As the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense explained, the reform is not aimed at reducing, but at strengthening military training; this is evidenced by the growing number of military departments in universities, reports VSE42.RU.

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