Scouts walked through a minefield

At the Koltsovo training ground near Novosibirsk, the fourth stage of the international contest “Excellent military intelligence-2018” was completed: the military from 8 countries showed how well they overcome the minefield and destroy a conditional enemy.

On the instructions of the scouts, it was necessary to overcome the 25-meter section, on which imitation mines and extensions with hand grenades were laid.

“For this, the sapper was the first to step on the obstacle, paving the safe path for the rest of the team. When “undermined”, a soldier left the race, ”the press service of the Central Military District said.

Scouts from Russia lead in the four stages of the competition

Разведчики из России лидируют по итогам четырёх этапов конкурса

After passing the minefield, scouts in the group shot at targets with machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers, and then established radio communications with the command.

“The IV stage of the competition also included individual shooting from small arms and throwing knives and sapper shovels,” the CVO press service added.

Ahead of the military is waiting for another, last, test: overcoming a water obstacle on an infantry fighting vehicle and the reconnaissance group entering the training area after completing the task.

So far, according to the results of the four stages of the contest «Excellent military intelligence — 2018», the first place is occupied by a team from Russia. Also in the top three are intelligence officers from Uzbekistan and China. There are five stages in the competition.

Last week, a team from Kazakhstan excelled in the competition: scouts from this country set a record for throwing sapper shovels and knives.

Dozens of Novosibirsk commandos climbed the mountain to destroy the enemy

60 Novosibirsk commandos took part in the exercises

Novosibirsk commandos held classes on mountain ranges in the Sayan Mountains — during the exercises, the military climbed to a height of 2,400 meters and captured a conditional enemy camp.

In total, 60 military personnel from the Novosibirsk Region participated in the exercises, they were told in the press service of the Central Military District.

The main stage of the exercises was held at the Ergaki training complex, which is located in the foothills of the Western Sayan Mountains at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level. The complex has its own helipad for landing, two ski slopes, a rocky training ground, a sports complex and a ski run.

“At the end of these courses, commandos are assigned mountain training qualifications, they are allowed to work at heights. <…> No shooting was done in order to avoid avalanches. They mainly practiced covert movement, the use of climbing equipment and the very principle of survival in mountain conditions, ”the correspondent of the NHS explained to the press service of the Central Military District.

According to the results of past classes, Novosibirsk commandos received the distinction “Specialist of mountain training” of the 1st and 2nd levels.

The other day it became known that the Novosibirsk scouts began large-scale camp gatherings with shooting and drones at the Yurginsky training ground in the Kemerovo region.

At the training ground 200 commandos

Special forces landed from a height of 800 meters

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At the Shilovo training ground in Novosibirsk, special forces exercises of the Central Military District took place — the military practiced night landing and landing in the rear of a conditional enemy.

More than 200 Novosibirsk military personnel took part in the exercises. The landing was carried out from transport and combat helicopters Mi-8AMTSh “Terminator” from a height of 800 meters using the parachute system “Arbalet-2”.

“In addition to the standard elements of airborne training, special forces units trained platoon charges at designated points after landing, carried out sabotage operations at conditional enemy facilities and completed marches in full combat gear,” the Central Military District press service told the NSA correspondent.

Information: Mi-8AMTSh “Terminator” helicopter — modern multi-purpose military transport helicopters designed to carry personnel, as well as cargo inside the cabin and on external sling. These helicopters were created taking into account a comprehensive analysis of the experience of using Russian helicopter equipment in combat operations in various hot spots.

Last week, it became known that in the Novosibirsk region began training «forest special forces» — firefighters who extinguish forest fires.

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