The media reported a meteor explosion over the US Air Force base in Greenland

A number of US media, citing NASA data, reported a meteor explosion over the US Air Force base in Thule in Greenland, the northernmost of US military installations.

Information about this was published by The Aviationist, as well as by Foxnews. Data on a meteor explosion was published at the NASA Information Center for the study of near-Earth objects (Center for Near-Earth Object Studies).

As noted, the car’s explosion was recorded on July 25, 2018, 43 km above the US Air Force base in Thule.

The meteor speed was 24 km / s, the blast power was estimated at 2.1 kilotons. At the same time, as noted, the US Air Force did not report this incident.

The Director of the Nuclear Weapons Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Hans Christensen noted with some irony: “We are still here. They correctly understood that this is not the first blow of Russia. ”

Map, data: CNEOS

However, Christensen expressed concern that the US Air Force did not report the incident.

It is worth noting that the Thule base is one of the elements of the United States Missile Attack Warning System (SARS), the AN / FPS-132 radar is located on the territory of the base.
It is quite possible that, contrary to the expert’s statement, the American SPRN simply did not manage to react to the approach of this car and as a result the Air Force chose not to report what had happened.

Photo: US Air Force

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