The military surrendered a modern town official housing

In Ostrogozhsk today is a massive housewarming party. For the military, a whole town of official housing was commissioned there. The keys to the lieutenants and sergeants were handed by the Deputy Minister of Defense Dmitry Bulgakov.

The complex of modular buildings here grew record fast. On the construction of one such and turnkey delivery takes only 35 days. There are 25 such two-story buildings. Each has four modules, a total of a hundred apartments.

The town has its own infrastructure. A dining room, a gym and a bath and laundry complex are built here. There is also a playground, guests so willingly put their hands to the beautification.

Cities of this type are being built all over the country; in Ostrogozhsk, he appeared among the first. The task, first of all, is to provide housing for young officers. These are provided by one-room apartments, already with furniture and household appliances — from a TV to a microwave.

The building of the Zemstvo Council in Borisoglebsk is on the verge of destruction

In Borisoglebsk, a monument of regional significance, the Zemsky government, was threatened with complete destruction. Local residents drew attention to this.

The building was built in 1870, it was met by the executive bodies of the zemstvo, responsible for economic issues. The hospital was located here during the years of the first and second world war. And subsequently the military communications battalion was based.

For a long time the building was not used, and began to collapse. Despite the fact that it is included in the register of monuments, no one is engaged in its protection.

— I studied the history of my hometown and came across an old photo of this building, as it looked before. And it really struck me that such a beautiful building, and now it is in such a terrible state, that it needs to be restored. Because this is our legacy, as without it, ”said Georgi Nikiforov, a resident of Borisoglebsk.

As a student of the local technical school, Georgy Nikiforov, found out that the architectural monument is still listed on the balance of the Ministry of Defense. 13 years ago, on the right of operational management, the corps was assigned to the Voronezh University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, a branch of which is located in Borisoglebsk. The university planned to restore the building and open a training building in it. But he never realized his plans and did not fulfill the terms of the agreement.

Now there are only walls left of the two-story building. There are no windows, no doors, bearing structures partially collapsed, the roof almost collapsed. In June, specialists from the cultural heritage protection department conducted an unscheduled inspection of the architectural monument and demanded that the university fulfill its obligations.

The check is also carried out by the regional prosecutor’s office. The administration of Borisoglebsk said that the issue of transferring the building to municipal ownership is now being decided. The document is under consideration by the Ministry of Defense.

— Currently, this building is operated by citizens without a fixed place of residence, asocial people who use drugs, here ordinary citizens relieve themselves. “I would like to see in this building some kind of institution that benefits the city, some kind of institution of additional education for children, an institution of preschool education, some kind of municipal institution,” said Georgi Nikiforov, a resident of Borisoglebsk.

The Ministry of Defense proposed the creation of military training centers in universities instead of military departments

The purpose of this bill is to increase the effectiveness of military training in universities

The Russian Ministry of Defense introduced a bill to the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the replacement of departments and other units of military training at universities with standardized military training centers. A message about this appeared on the website of the government of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of this bill is to increase the effectiveness of student training in structural units of military training at universities. “The creation of military training centers will be carried out within the framework of the existing personnel order and does not provide for an increase in the total number of citizens involved in military training. The purpose of the bill is to improve the management of the process of training university students in the available areas of military training, ”the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Today in Russia there are 54 military departments.

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