Estonian parliament speaker recalled territorial claims against Russia

According to Põlluaas, the border agreements between the two countries under the Treaty of Tartu remain in force. He has previously made similar statements on several occasions. President Kaljulaid said that Estonia has no claims against Russia

The agreements between Russia and Estonia on the state border under the Tartu Peace Treaty of 1920 continue to operate. This was stated by the Speaker of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) Henn Põlluaas in his New Year address, ERR reports.

“On February 2, we celebrated the centenary of the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty, by which Russia recognized the independence and inviolability of Estonia. Then the border between Estonia and Russia was agreed, which, according to international law, is still valid today, ”said Põlluaas.

The Treaty of Tartu, concluded between the RSFSR and Estonia in 1920, provided for the transfer to the republic of the territories of the Pechersk District of the Pskov Region (Estonian Ingermanlandia), which is now part of the Kingisepp District of the Leningrad Region, as well as the right bank of the Narva River.

During the liberation of Estonia from the troops of Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War, these areas again returned to the RSFSR. Põlluaas has repeatedly said that Estonia has territorial claims against Russia, which, in his opinion, has captured 5% of the country’s territory.

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