St Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters appear as guest stars

They were interviewed by Donald Trump Jr.’s partner and former Fox News personality, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who introduced them as “household names”.

“I thought we were going to die,” said Mark McCloskey about the St Louis Black Lives Matter protests. “We have nothing to apologise for. We did nothing wrong, and we’re not going to back down.”

The white St Louis couple who pointed guns towards protesters last month were seen on the Trump campaign’s latest virtual event.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who went viral when they appeared armed amid protests against racism and police violence, starred in a campaign programme.

Video last month showed the husband and wife armed with an assault rifle and a pistol as protesters moved past their house.

He told Guilfoyle in Friday’s interview that the protesters had posed a threat to them, when they took-up arms.

“I thought that within seconds we’d be overrun, they’d be in the house, they’d be setting fires, they’d be killing us,” said Mr McCloskey.

“I knew we were on our own, and this was it,” added Ms McCloskey. “We were terrified.”

Those comments come despite demonstrators showing no apparent threat to the couple in video shared online.

Still, Guilfoyle commended Ms McCloskey for “standing by your husband, holding a gun.”

St Louis County attorney Kimberley Gardner announced last week that an investigation had been launched into the couple’s actions.

“We will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights, and will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable,” said the attorney.

That was rebuked by Missouri’s Republican senator Josh Hawley, who called on Attorney General William Barr to investigate Ms Gardner in return.

“I urge you to consider a federal civil rights investigation into the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office to determine whether this investigation and impending prosecution violates this family’s constitutional right.”

The McCloskey’s have not been charged by St Louis police.

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