The expert with the phrase “we live our infection” assessed the data on the source of COVID

At the moment, the coronavirus infection is spreading within the country, the Russians have become less likely to bring the infection from abroad, said in a conversation with RBC virologist, professor at Moscow State University Alexei Agranovsky.

So he commented on the words of Georgy Bazykin, head of the molecular evolution sector of the IITP RAS, who said that people who did not travel abroad were the source of the spread of coronavirus during the second wave. “There was no need for additional deliveries, we have our own epidemic and it is quite enough to fuel this epidemic,” he said.

“Now the infection is spreading within the country. This is quite natural, it seems to me. They began to travel less, bring the infection too. Some countries have been closed, people limit themselves to travel. We live our infection, ”he said.

The coronavirus spreads mainly within the country, and the likelihood of infection from those who came from abroad has decreased, Larisa Popovich, director of the Institute for Health Economics of the Higher School of Economics, told RBC.

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