The TV channel called an erroneous recording with a rude answer from a State Duma deputy

The audio recording aired on the Present Time TV channel did not contain the voice of the author of the bill on criminal liability for libel on the Internet, State Duma deputy Dmitry Vyatkin, the channel apologizes.

This is stated on the site of “Present Time”.

Earlier, an audio recording from the air of the TV channel circulated on the Internet, in which you can hear a man in a rude form responding to a journalist’s request for comment on the adoption of the bill on libel. At this moment, a photograph of Vyatkin is shown on the screen and it is indicated what he is saying.

“As it turned out, the voice on the recording did not belong to the deputy. The editors of Nastoyas’noe Vremya apologize to Dmitry Vyatkin and readers for the mistake, ”the channel said.

Earlier, Vyatkin himself denied that his voice was on the recording. “Today on a number of Internet resources they began to distribute an audio recording, where I allegedly spoke rudely to a journalist. I listened carefully to this dialogue posted on the Internet. On the record – clearly not my voice, who is there talking to the journalist – I have no idea, “- said Vyatkin” RIA Novosti “.

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