Tim Belorusskikh was sentenced to two years of restriction of freedom

Today a session of the court of the Moskovsky district of Minsk in the case of the singer Tima Belorusskikh took place. He was accused of drug trafficking: at the beginning of the year, the singer was found to have 0.4 g of hashish and 0.03 g of amphetamine.

According to the Tut.by edition, Tim Belorusskikh was sentenced to two years of «home chemistry» — this is the name of the punishment, which implies restriction of freedom without being sent to a correctional institution. The second defendant, Anton Krivetsky, received a similar punishment.

The singer is best known for his hits «Wet Crosses» and «Forget-Me-Not»

The convicts will be registered with the Penitentiary Inspectorate, during the entire period they will be visited by the police. You can go to work or study, but the route is strictly limited, and after seven in the evening, be at home. A short-term departure to another locality is possible only with the permission of the Penitentiary Inspectorate.

Also, convicts are prohibited from drinking even low-alcohol drinks.

22-year-old singer Tim Belorusskikh began his solo career in 2017, becoming best known for his songs «Wet Crosses» and «Forget-Me-Not». In 2019, Belorusskikh became the Artist of the Year on the VKontakte social network.

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