Trump appoints far right radio host Sebastian Gorka to education board

Mr Gorka previously worked as a deputy assistant to Mr Trump in the White House between January and August 2017, but failed to obtain the security clearance necessary to work on national security issues.

He was a contributor on Fox News between 2017 and 2019 and has hosted America First with Sebastian Gorka on the conservative broadcaster, Salem Radio Network, since last year.

Mr Bigley is a national security attorney, who has contributed to both Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

The NSEB is comprised of 14 members, who provide oversight to the National Security Education Programme (NSEP) and have the power “to review and make recommendations based on programme mission and objectives,” according to its website.

President Donald Trump has announced his intent to appoint far right radio host Sebastian Gorka to the National Security Education Board (NSEB).

In a news release published on Tuesday, the White House announced that the president intends to appoint Mr Gorka and Sean M Bigley on four-year terms as members of the board.

The NSEP is a federal initiative that is designed to build a pool of US citizens who are fluent in foreign languages and knowledgeable in international affairs.

In its mission statement, the NSEP says one of its targets is to “produce an increased pool of applicants for work in the departments and agencies of the United States Government with national security responsibilities.”

Mr Gorka, who has been a vocal supporter of Mr Trump, has a history of making controversial and offensive remarks, and last month called face masks “Covid burqas,” following years of anti-Islamic comments.

In June, a caller on his radio show claimed that face masks mandated in California by governor Gavin Newsom are “Democrat Islamo-Maoist masks.”

Mr Gorka, who had recently argued with a post office worker who told him he needed to wear a face mask, responded: “You mean the Covid burqas, the Covid masks?” and added that there is “something inhuman” about covering the face.

“Not only does it dehumanize the individual in that interaction with another human being,” he said. “But also, it is, you’re right, an act of submission.”

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