Employees of Russia E-Retail Giant Wildberries Go On Strike

In a petition published on Wednesday, employees announced the start of work-to-rule action in the group’s network across several regions, meaning they will do no more than the minimum required by their contract until their demands are met.

Employees of Russian online retailer Wildberries have launched a work-to-rule strike, denouncing a drop in wages at the company run by the country’s richest woman, Tatyana Bakalchuk.

By Thursday afternoon, the petition was close to reaching its target of 2,500 signatures.

«Until we receive clarification or a positive outcome of the problematic questions we commit to carrying out the necessary minimum of work,» the workers said in the petition.

The petition said that the introduction of a new payment system over the summer resulted in workers losing up to 40,000 rubles ($550) of their monthly wage.

The same day the petition was published its organizers said that «management had reached out,» promising a salary review as soon as possible.

The Wildberries online marketplace is an industry leader in Russia and has enjoyed success across countries of the former U.S.S.R.

In Russia, the group has tens of thousands of employees.

Wildberries was founded in 2004 by Bakalchuk, who was then on maternity leave, together with her IT technician husband Vladislav.

This year Forbes named Bakalchuk, 45, the richest woman in Russia with an estimated wealth of over $13 billion dollars.

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