Trump rants at ‘crazies’ and repeats false election claims in bizarre Easter message

Former president Donald Trump issued another Easter message on Sunday, this one addressed to his enemies.

“Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our country!” Mr Trump wrote in a statement from his Save America PAC.

This was the second “Happy Easter” statement Mr Trump released this weekend, following a longer one he put out on Friday.

“Why is it that every time the 2020 ELECTION FRAUD is discussed, the Fake News Media consistently states that such charges are baseless, unfounded, and unwarranted, etc.?” Mr Trump wrote in that message. “With each passing day, and unfortunately for the Radical Left CRAZIES, more and more facts are coming out.”

The ex-president then added, “Other than that, Happy Easter!”

Mr Trump’s election fraud conspiracy theory is in fact baseless and unfounded. President Biden won both the popular vote and the Electoral College, and Mr Trump’s legal team failed in dozens of cases to prove any significant voter fraud.

Members of the news media hailed Mr Trump’s latest holiday message on Twitter.

“Jesus couldn’t have said it any better himself,” Kenneth Vogel of the New York Times tweeted.

“Someone’s bitter today,” wrote Olivia Troye, a former aide to Mike Pence. “The #Easter Bunny must have skipped his house. That’s what happens when you steal from your own supporters.”

Ms Troye appeared to be referring to a New York Times report that the Trump 2020 campaign charged donors repeatedly without their knowledge.

Trump refers to deadly Beirut explosions as terrible attack – despite no evidence incident was deliberate

Donald Trump has described deadly explosions in Lebanon as a “terrible attack” despite no evidence that suggests the blasts were intentional.

Massive explosions in Beirut on Tuesday have killed at least 70 people and injured more than 3,000 others while levelling a large segment of the capital.

Multiple videos show fires and thick plumes of smoke emerging from a building before a mushroom cloud swallows the area.

“Let me begin by sending America’s deepest sympathies to the people of Lebanon,” he said at a White House briefing on Tuesday. “It looks like a terrible attack.”

Lebanese officials believe the explosions were caused by several thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate left unsecured for several years in a warehouse.

“I’ve met with some of our great generals and they seem to think” the explosion was the result of an attack, the president said. “This seems to be … a bomb of some kind.”

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