US taxpayers will almost certainly be forced to pay for destruction caused by pro-Trump mob attacks

The destruction brought to the US Capitol by a pro-Trump mob left the offices and chambers of government ransacked and in a state of disrepair — which, ultimately, will almost certainly be paid for by taxpayers.

That’s because federal agencies typically lack insurance policies, Reuters reported this week, citing US budget watchdog groups warning of the hefty price tag to come for the riots that enveloped the Capitol building.

While some of the property damage will reportedly be covered in part by the agency tasked with preserving the Capitol building’s preservation and maintenance, called the Architect of the Capitol, at least part of the cleanup will be covered by the American people.

Or, as one president of a budget watchdog group told the news agency: “Taxpayers will be on the hook for repairs to the Capitol.”

Property was stolen from the Capitol building and officers were littered with debris after rioters breached security measures and clashed with officials, injuring at least 14 police officers. At least one police officer has died after sustaining injuries caused by the riot, DC police said.

By Friday afternoon, it was reported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a laptop stolen from her offices, while House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn had his iPad stolen. Those were just the first of what were likely to be numerous reports of stolen devices and items from the offices of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Beyond the graffiti and tangible destruction at the Capitol, these electronic thefts could pose an even greater burden to US taxpayers and the public, with the potential for national security issues and other concerns to arise in the final days of Mr Trump’s presidency.

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