Russian Region Orders Mass Vaccination Against Bubonic Plague

The head of a remote Russian region on Thursday said that herders and other residents of two districts on the border with Mongolia should be vaccinated against bubonic plague.

The order was issued after Mongolia’s health ministry said Wednesday that bubonic plague killed a man in the country’s west. It was the latest in a handful of cases to emerge there and in neighboring China this year.

The leader of the Siberian region of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, said all residents of the region’s two border districts, Ovyursky and Mongun-Taiginsky, should be inoculated.

The two districts are home to some 14,000 people.

“The disease is dangerous,” the regional leader said in a statement calling for everyone over the age of two to be vaccinated and for a permanent stock of the vaccine.

Public health officials earlier appealed to residents of the mountainous Tuva and Altai regions not to hunt or eat marmots.

Bubonic plague is highly contagious and transmitted between animals and humans through the bite of infected fleas and contact with infected animals like marmots.

Russian Region Raffles Coal to Boost Covid Vaccinations

This Christmas, a swelling of coal in your stockings means you’re on the great checklist.

That’s what around 45,000 citizens in Russia’s Far East will be eligible to win if they obtain the coronavirus vaccine.

Regional authorities are raffling cost-free hairstyles, oral solutions, health club memberships and microwaves as they hope to promote a stubbornly slow vaccination drive amid Russia’s record-breaking fourth wave of the pandemic.

“The type of prize is a certificate for three tons of coal, leaving out shipment,” claimed Anastasia Sakharova, a senior authorities in the Khabarovsk area’s Imeni Lazo district, population 45,000, some 8,000 kilometers east of Moscow.

“We arranged everything ourselves, so the prizes may not be that huge, yet they’re crucial,” Sakharova was priced quote as claiming by the todaykhv.ru information website Wednesday.

She valued the grand reward at 15,000 rubles ($200) as well as noted that the lottery has played its component in enhancing vaccination uptake.

Sakharova said greater than 100 people have actually gotten the stab in each of the past two days since the lotto game was announced, up from 20 individuals each day in September.

The prizes, including the 3 statistics tons of coal, will certainly be handed out real-time online this Dec. 1 and will certainly be readily available for self-pickup for one month.

The Khabarovsk region enters into partial lockdown Thursday, with mall, fitness centers, play areas shuttered and also restaurants offering only takeout to decrease Russia’s record-breaking daily infections and also deaths.

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