Teen with AK47 arrested in New York subway station

A teenager from Ohio with an AK47 assault rifle was arrested in the New York Subway. He also had a gas mask in his possession while he was sitting in a station near Times Square, according to law enforcement.

The 18-year-old man, whose identity was not immediately publicised, was taken into custody without incident around 12:30pm on Friday.

He was apprehended on the mezzanine level by the turnstiles leading to the A, C, and E line, New York Daily News reported.

The man was sitting down and charging his phone in the station with the firearm next to him out in the open for all to see when he was noticed by a transit police officer.

While the rifle was not loaded, the man did have a full magazine in his backpack along with the gas mask.

According to The New York Post, a police source said the teen told officers that he thought that carrying an unloaded rifle with the ammunition separate from the weapon was legal in New York City.

The man was interrogated by the NYPD Intelligence Bureau, according to New York Daily News.

Teenage girl killed in Oklahoma gas blast that could be heard 30 miles away

A teenage girl was killed and her family left injured after a huge explosion that could be heard 30 miles away levelled their home.

The Oklahoma City property was completely destroyed in the massive blast that officials have blamed on a gas leak from a wood burning fireplace’s lighter.

Authorities say that the violent explosion killed Berklee Maguire, 14, and left her father, Shawn, in a serious condition.

The teenager’s mother, Tanda, and brother, Hayden, suffered from burns, according to KFOR.

Neighbours told investigators that Shawn Maguire told neighbours he had received an electrical shock while plugging in a coffee maker when the blast happened.

Three neighbouring homes were also damaged in the Thursday morning incident.

“Sarah and I are heartbroken by the news of an explosion at a home in Edmond this morning and the tragic loss of a child,” Governor Kevin Stitt said in a statement.

“I am actively monitoring the situation and have offered our full support as the response and investigation into this incident continues.

“Please keep the family and our first responders in your prayers at this time.”

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