Three killed and two wounded in shooting at tavern in Wisconsin

Three people have been killed and two have been seriously injured after a shooting at a tavern in Wisconsin. The suspected shooter has not been found yet but authorities do not deem members of the public to be at risk.

An official in the sheriff’s department said the shooting took place early on Sunday at Somers House Tavern in the Village of Somers.

Kenosha County Sergeant David Wright said the shooting appeared to be a “targeted and isolated incident”.

Officials were still trying to work out the identities of the people who died, while the two individuals who were wounded were taken to hospital, Mr Wright said.

The road leading up to the tavern was closed early on Sunday while officials investigate the incident.

In the US, there were 14,400 gun-linked killings in 2019 — with homicides involving a gun constituting for almost three quarters of all killings in the country.

Three dead and two wounded after mass shooting at Louisiana gun shop

Three people were killed and two wounded after a mass shooting at Louisiana gun shop, police say.

Multiple people were shot in the incident at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metarie, near New Orleans, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

A man got into an argument with a clerk, who said he should not have an unholstered and loaded gun until he entered the store’s range area, reports WSDU.

“It appears a suspect shot two victims inside the location, then was engaged and shot outside the location by multiple other individuals,” said Captain Jason Rivarde, a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

“The suspect is one of the deceased on scene.”

The wounded victims were taken to hospital and are in stable condition, said police.

Shots were fired after at least two customers at the range became involved, according to the the television station.

Dozens of police officers descended on the scene after the shooting took place at around 3.30pm ET.

Jefferson Gun Outlet’s website says the business is “the premier firearms outlet for the Greater New Orleans Area.”

It has a 14-lane, 25-yard indoor firing range.

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