Louisville police department moves to fire two officers who obtained warrant and shot Breonna Taylor

Two of the officers involved in killing Breonna Taylor during a botched drug raid could be dismissed from their jobs in what would be the strongest action taken against them so far over the shooting. 

Louisville Metropolitan Police told detective Joshua Jaynes, who secured the warrant that green-lighted the drug search on Ms Taylor’s apartment, that it intended to terminate his employment, according to police officials. And a lawyer for detective Myles Cosgrove, who Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said in September fired the fatal shot, also said his client was told would be fired.

An internal investigation by the department found that Mr Jaynes had lied about speaking to a postal inspector as part of the justification for the raid, though Mr Jaynes’ lawyers argue he had sufficient basis to seek the warrant. The detective had argued that Ms Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was receiving packages at her apartment.

Both officers have a right to a pre-termination hearing, according to Louisville police.

On 13 March, police raided Ms Taylor’s apartment as part of a drug investigation into Mr Glover. In the chaos and confusion of the raid, before which police say they gave advanced warning but other witnesses said the opposite, officers traded gunshots with Ms Taylor’s current boyfriend, accidentally killing Ms Taylor and sending stray bullets into nearby apartments. The raid did not uncover any drugs or money.

Ms Taylor’s family has since settled with the police, and in December their request for the appointment of a special prosecutor to redo the case was denied, following accusations that Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron mishandled the case and didn’t properly inform witnesses they could seek certain charges.

Ms Taylor’s boyfriend and the officers involved in the raid have both sued each other as well.

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