Man suffers critical leg injuries after ‘booby trap’ explodes

A man suffered critical leg injuries after he stepped on an alleged ‘booby trap’ at the home of a family member recently arrested for stockpiling explosives.

The injured male was airlifted to a hospital and remains in a critical condition after firefighters found him injured at the site of the explosion in Utah.

The Bomb Squad, FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were called to investigate after the explosion at the home of Ryan Lynn McManigal, who was arrested in July for allegedly stockpiling 20 pounds of explosives.

Mr McManigal’s sister, Bridget McManigal Black, said her cousin had gone to the house do repairs when he encountered the “booby trap”.

“As we recall back in July, I think Pioneer Day, his home had to be partially detonated due to some bombs Ryan McManigal was making, so what I’m hearing is that while he was making these repairs there was a booby trap bomb set and it went off on him,” Ms Black told FOX 13.

“He threatened me that he was going to set up booby traps. He told me that he was going to set up booby traps in my mom’s house in Vegas so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that he would do this in his own home.”

South Jordan Fire Department said in a statement that two neighbouring properties were evacuated on Sunday while the bomb squad cleared the area of risk, while the home of Mr McManigal would remain condemned as a result of the explosives.

Mr McManigal, who was allegedly involved in a standoff with police at the home on 24 July , was arrested on two counts of attempted aggravated murder and three counts of use of a weapon of mass destruction. He remains in custody.

Police alleged at the time that the bombs were being manufactured since February and were intended for Mr McManigal’s family.

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