Meghan McCain reacts angrily as she is cut off for ad break while talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene antisemitism row

Meghan McCain reacted angrily after she was cut-off by an ad break on ABC’s The View, following an argument about antisemitism in the Republican party.

She told viewers on Monday that attacks on Jewish people and criticism of Israel were more important issues that the party’s condemnation of Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is under fire for comparing the Holocaust to wearing a face covering.

“I can’t stand Marjorie Taylor Greene, I think she’s a crazy person, and I’ve said that over and over again,” McCain told co-host, Whoopi Goldberg. “She has been stripped of her committees, with absolutely no legislative power in Congress whatsoever.”

She then contrasted the ongoing furore around Rep Greene to Rep Ilhan Omar, a Democrat and member of “the Squad”, who in 2019 came under fire for tweeting that it was “all about the Benjamins”.

Rep Omar afterwards apologised for the tweet, which referenced Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, because it was antisemitic. She also continued to sit on the House foreign relations committee.

“By the way, if she Rep Greene is the face of the Republicans, than the Squad are the face of the Democrats,” McCain told Goldberg, “and I would love if Democrats put that same kind of energy on to what’s happening on the left.”

She then claimed that “the media doesn’t want the Squad to look bad, they just want Marjorie Taylor to look bad,” drawing a sigh from Golderg. ”Antisemitism is a huge problem everywhere in this country.”

“Yes it is,” Goldberg told her co-host, “and we’re going to break and when we come back you can continue talking.”

A seething McCain said after the ad-break that antisemitism was “more insidious and a lot more sinister” from the left, “and a lot more difficult to define”.

Goldberg told the Republican, and daughter of former senator John McCain, that the difference with Reps Omar and Greene is that the Democrat apologised for he remarks.

The Georgia Republican has so far refused to apologise for comparing face coverings with the Holocaust, with a handful of her colleagues in Congress have rebuked.

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