Ivanka Trump compares father to Winston Churchill

The daughter and senior adviser to Donald Trump took to the stage outdoors in the city of Canfield and had the crowd chanting “four more years” as she spoke about the president’s likeness to “the legendary” British wartime prime minister.

Ms Trump said: “Winston Churchill said, ‘It was the nation that had the lion’s heart, I just had the luck to give it the roar.’”

“How much does this remind you of our president and this movement?

“He gave us roar, he gave us all the roar.

“Here in America, in this moment, we the people choose president Donald Trump.”

She also predicted that her father would secure a second four-year term in the White House on election day on Tuesday.

“In three days from now, we are going to win, and we are going to secure four more years for the people’s president, my father, Donald J Trump,” Ms Trump told the crowd.

She said the US now more than ever needs four more years of “a warrior” in the White House.

“My father fights so hard every single day for each of us,” she said.

“Now we have an opportunity to fight for him and fight for the future of this country.”

Republican Mr Trump is trailing behind Democrat rival Joe Biden in the race for the presidency in the final days of campaigning ahead of the election, according to national polls.

Lindsey Graham says Jacob Blake was asked to yield before being shot seven times in back

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Senator Lindsey Graham has indicated he is not jumping to any conclusions on why police in Kenosha, Wisc., shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake in the back seven times, saying Mr Blake, who is black, “didn’t yield” to officers’ orders.

The South Carolina Republican, one of President Donald Trump’s closest confidants in the Senate, made the comments about Mr Blake’s shooting at a press conference announcing the South Carolina Fraternal Order of Police’s endorsement of his re-election campaign.

“I don’t know what happened there. Let’s find out. It’s dangerous being a cop,” Mr Graham said, when asked on Tuesday about Mr Blake being shot on 23 August.

“I don’t know why the gentleman didn’t yield when he was asked to yield. I don’t know what the facts are,” Mr Graham said.

Mr Graham is expected to win his race this November against Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison, a well-funded former state party chairman.

That race is rated Likely Republican by Inside Elections with Nathan L Gonzales, despite Mr Harrison raising nearly $29m so far this cycle, roughly $2m more than Mr Graham over the course of the 2019-20. (The senator has $5m more cash on hand thanks to the head-start advantages of incumbency.)

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