In the US there are all new persons involved in “Rashageyta”

Last week, a new character appeared in the Rashageit pantheon – 59-year-old Russian citizen Henry Greenberg, aka Gennady Aneurolepidum, aka Gennady Vostretsov, aka Vostretsov-Arzhanik, and also Henry Oknyansky.

At the end of May 2016, Donald Trump’s long-time confidante, Republican political strategist Roger Stone, sat down in his Jaguar and headed for Sunny Isles Beach, a coastal town north of Miami, chosen by people from the former Union.

There he met in a restaurant with a man in a hat with the Trump slogan on it: “Let’s make America great again!” The man introduced himself as Henry Greenberg and, with a monstrous Russian accent, offered Stone dirt on Hillary Clinton, asking for $ 2 million for him.

“You don’t know Donald Trump,” Stone replied to the stranger before turning him down. “He doesn’t pay for anything!”

To meet with Greenberg, Stone was recommended by a former Trump election headquarters officer named Michael Caputo, who also got into the Rashageit millstones, was questioned by the special prosecutor Robert Muller and spent 125 thousand dollars on lawyers, he said.

Kaputo did not know Greenberg either, and heard about it from his business partner Sergey, or George, Petrushin. In May 2016, Greenberg came without an invitation to open an exhibition organized by the Kaputo PR company in Miami and told Petrushin that he had information that might be useful to Trump’s headquarters.

Petrushin called Caputo and then handed the phone to Greenberg. As Kaputo recently told The Washington Post, at that time Russia had not yet become a bogey in the United States, so Greenberg’s proposal did not alert him. He contacted Stone and asked him to meet with Greenberg.

“We really want to help Trump!” – Greenberg told Stone and showed him on his mobile phone a picture in which he stands next to Trump at a rally. According to Greenberg, it was not he who talked with Stone at the restaurant, but his friend named Alexei, whom Greenberg brought with him. According to Greenberg, he himself did not ask for any money for dirt on Clinton. He does not vouch for Alexei, who, according to him, was dismissed from the Clinton family charity fund, and then returned to Ukraine, and communication with him was interrupted.

The Clinton Foundation told The Washington Post that there was no time for Alexey among his staff. Stone does not remember Alexey either.

Greenberg himself also flew out with Caputo from their memory, and they did not mention him, giving testimony in Congress about their contacts with the Russians. Then they were interrogated by the staff of special prosecutor Mueller, who struck Caputo with the fact that they knew more about his conversation with Greenberg than he did.

Surviving the lawyers, Caputo resorted to crowdfunding and spent part of the money raised to order a dossier on Greenberg, which now lies in front of me.

28 pages with photographs and copies of documents, from which, in particular, it appears that Grinberg, who was born in Kuibyshev on June 1, 1959 under the name of Gennady Vostretsov, has several criminal records in both Russia and the USA, and also worked for 17 years secret informant of the FBI.

The latest allegation is contained in a petition filed by Greenberg in 2015 with a federal court examining his immigration case. Greenberg, who signed the application as Henry Ocnyansky, attached documents to him attesting that the US authorities had given him special permission to enter the country 14 times on the grounds that his stay in it would be “socially useful”.

As stated in the application, dated August 18, 2015, Greenberg, who was in the United States illegally and was subject to deportation, agreed to leave voluntarily in 2000. While abroad, he supplied information to the FBI investigator David Baker.

“Wherever I go, from Iran to North Korea,” writes Greenberg, “I have always sent information to Mr. Baker.”

In 2013, Baker retired and handed Greenberg to his colleagues from the Miami branch of the FBI, who promised to straighten their agent a S-5 visa designed for secret informants and court witnesses. Months passed, but the cart remained in the same place. In the end, Greenberg refused to cooperate with the FBI and again found himself in an immigration prison.

“I consider it unfair,” he wrote from there to the judge in bad English. “I collaborated with the FBI for 17 years, often endangering my life.” Based on my information, the US Treasury has canceled many American visas for criminal gangs for money laundering and connections with international criminal organizations. ”

Greenberg’s criminal career in his homeland is described in detail in Russian publications. As Alexander Danilkin wrote in Trud on January 17, 2002, “the first meeting with justice at the twenty-year-old Vostretsov took place in 1979: the judge appointed him a year in prison for malicious evasion of alimony. And two years later, a Togliatti court “issued” to a recent prisoner a new term – three years of a “strict worker” for selling stolen goods. After another six years, there was a new trial. Now in the capital, for committing fraud on an especially large scale – 5 years in prison. ”

In 1990, the hero of the dossier married actress Elena Arzhanik, who “became famous for the role of a naked secretary in the famous Russian film of that era,“ Zero City ”, and took her last name. Greenberg currently resides in the United States, apparently illegally.

He had a total of 18 addresses in three states. He was arrested at least 4 times in California and Florida. He came to the United States with Arzhanik in 1993, and on January 18, 1994 he was arrested in Los Angeles for threatening another person with a firearm and for an assault with a firearm.

Over the past years, the author of the dossier could not find out the details, but it is known that Greenberg was sentenced to probation and acquired a criminal record, the presence of which, among other things, forbade him to have weapons. On December 1 of the same 1994, he was again arrested in Los Angeles for possession of weapons he no longer had the right to, and domestic violence.

In February 1995, he was acquitted. But the court ruled that he had violated the rules for serving his suspended sentence, and sentenced him to three years in prison. Greenberg appealed the verdict and managed to remain at large until mid-1997, when he was sent to an immigration prison on the eve of deportation. Planted here is why.

On March 25, 1997, he was arrested in Beverly Hills for petty theft, which in California means theft of less than $ 950. For some reason, the prosecutor’s office did not bring Greenberg to court, but the immigration authorities found out about the arrest and took him into circulation.

Self-deporting in 2000, Greenberg returned to Russia and was arrested in Moscow on November 12, 2002 for fraud that he allegedly committed back in 1993. The author of the dossier believes that the FBI brought Russian investigators to him.

According to The Moscow Times, prior to his arrest, Greenberg, who used the name Henry Oknyansky, lived for about a year in Moscow, where he had a press certificate from the Russian Foreign Ministry and a bunch of gold credit cards. At the time of his arrest, he lived in the same apartment with the American John Daily, the producer of such famous films as Platoon and Terminator.

According to the author of the dossier, Greenberg called himself in Moscow a U.S. citizen, whom he was not, lied that he studied at Princeton, and showed photographs in which he was shot with Oliver Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Alicia Silverstone and Stephen Spielberg.

Greenberg returned to the United States for permanent residence only in 2010 and began to replenish his collection of arrests. He was arrested three times for a drunken ride, the last time in Beverly Hills less than a year ago.

According to the dossier, “there is some evidence that Vostretsov has connections with Russian organized crime in the US and in Russia.” For example, the authority Vyacheslav Leontyev (Vadik Bely) allegedly received mail to the address of the same Florida apartment as Greenberg.

(c) V. Kozlovsky

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Meanwhile, the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released an open report expressing support for the findings of the U.S. intelligence community that during the 2016 US presidential election, Russia made efforts to support Donald Trump.

“For 16 months, the committee has studied the sources, methods of intelligence and the work of analysts that underlie the findings of the intelligence community, and there is no reason to dispute the findings,” said committee head Richard Burr.

The accuracy of the conclusions of the American intelligence services was also stated by Democratic Senator Mark Warner:

“Russian efforts were large-scale and sophisticated, and their goal was to undermine the public’s faith in the democratic process, harm Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.”

If Trump had such “helpers” as Vostretsov-Greenberg-Aneurolepidum, then he does not need enemies either.

Summer, and then autumn, will bring us many surprises, do not hesitate. The jungle has not yet seen such a shame that the US establishment has to go through.

Happy holiday, USA!

And bless me all.

Update 07/05/2018

Following a visit to the Russian Federation by a delegation of members of the US Senate and House of Representatives, Alabama Senator John Neely Kennedy:

“I explained to our Russian interlocutors that in America, using the word“ please ”, a person expresses respect. This is a sign of friendship. And then I, addressing them, said: “Please do not interfere in our elections. And at the same time in French, German and British. Please leave Ukraine and let the Ukrainians decide their own future. Please leave Crimea. Please help us achieve a peaceful settlement in Syria. Please do not let Iran gain a foothold in southern Syria, otherwise it will lead to an escalation of the war. ”

We warned our interlocutors: if Russia continues to interfere in the internal affairs of the United States and does so in the November congressional elections, our reaction will be instant and very harsh.

Russian authorities say that sanctions did not harm Russia, but this is not so. And I really hope that we do not have to introduce draconian measures against Russia. But if we see interference in November, there will be no other way.

Trying to convince Putin is like feeding a shark from your hand.

If Russia continues to interfere in our affairs, it is necessary to hit Russia with sanctions, break the Russians so hard that they cannot collect the bones. “For us, our democracy means a lot, and we won’t tolerate anyone trying to influence our choices.”

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