Abramovich received a returnee certificate

The Russian oligarch is completing all procedures related to repatriation to Israel. Roman Abramovich arrived in a private jet at Tel Aviv Airport. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich arrived in Israel on Monday, May 28, in a private jet, where he completes all the procedures related to repatriation. This was reported by the Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom.

The aircraft landed at Ben Gurion International Airport in a suburb of Tel Aviv.

According to the publication, right at the airport, the businessman was issued a valid national identity card. It is provided by the Ministry of Repatriation and Integration. In addition, according to NEWSru Israel, the billionaire received a returnee certificate.

A number of news agencies reported that the oligarch was handed the passport of an Israeli citizen at all. Official sources have not yet confirmed this information.

To enter the UK

The Commercial Tenth Channel of Israel, in turn, clarifies that Roman Abramovich made a request for citizenship in accordance with the standard procedure – through the Israeli Embassy in Moscow. “His documents were examined under the Law on Return,” which is the legal basis for the granting of Israeli citizenship, the channel reports.

According to some reports, the oligarch will live in one of the districts of Tel Aviv – Neve Tzedek, where a large mansion is being built for him.

An Israeli passport gives its holders the right to visa-free entry to more than 100 countries, including the UK.

UK visa problems

Earlier it became known that the Russian billionaire, occupying 140th place in the Forbes magazine list, had problems with the extension of the British visa.

According to The Bell, the businessman had a so-called investment visa, which is issued when investing in the British economy from £ 2 million. It is issued for 3 years and 4 months, after which it can be extended.

Abramovich’s previous visa expired in April. Problems getting a new one did not allow Abramovich to attend the FA Cup final with the participation of his Chelsea football club. As the British publication The Telegraph noted, the oligarch’s embassy was asked to explain to the British authorities the origin of their condition.

Report on “dirty money” from Russia

Earlier, the British Parliament Foreign Relations Committee published a report on “dirty money” from Russia. The document says that the UK should not turn a blind eye to the actions of “kleptocrats of President Putin and violators of human rights,” which, through money laundering, “weaken our alliances and undermine faith in our institutions.” The Kremlin called the publication of the report “a provocation arranged by the British side.”

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