Erdogan condemns Austria’s decision to close mosques

The actions of the Austrian Chancellor will lead the world to a “war between the cross and the crescent,” Erdogan said. Austria previously announced the closure of seven mosques and the deportation of a large number of imams. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized Austria’s actions, AFP reported. In a speech on Saturday, June 9, Erdogan condemned the decision of the Austrian government to close seven mosques and deport a large number of imams from the country.

According to the Turkish president, measures taken by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz will lead the world to a “war between the cross and the crescent.” “Do you think that we will not react if you do something like that?” – said Erdogan. However, he did not specify what specific steps Turkey intends to take.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz on June 8 announced the closure of seven mosques in the country. The Austrian authorities also intend to send a large number of imams out of the country together with their families: currently, 40 imams are being checked. The basis for this decision is the norms of the law on Islam, adopted in 2015, requiring the loyal attitude of Muslims towards Austrian social norms and principles.

King of saudi arab shuffle

Saudi king Salman appointed three new ministers. The cabinet included an entrepreneur from the private sector, designed to create new jobs in the labor market. Important shifts have taken place in the Saudi government. On Saturday, June 2, reported the government news agency Saudi Press Agency.

King Salman bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud succeeded the Minister of Labor and Social Development, the heads of ministries for Islamic affairs, as well as culture and information.

Instead of Ali bin Nasser al-Ghafis, the first of the departments was headed by private sector entrepreneur Ahmed bin Suleiman al-Raji. The appointment is due to the fact that the king and relatively recently – in June 2017 – he appointed his crown prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, set out to modernize the economy and create jobs for young people. Currently, the unemployment rate is 12.8 percent. The government is faced with the task of creating 1.2 million jobs by 2022 and reducing unemployment to 9 percent.

The new appointment is designed not only to facilitate the arrival of private initiatives in the public sector. According to experts from the London School of Economics, it should revive the confidence of the business community, which is insecure due to the fast pace of economic reform and the anti-corruption campaign in 2017.

Recent measures to liberalize the country include opening a movie theater, hosting concerts and fairs, allowing women to attend football matches and drive a car. The main initiator of change is the Crown Prince, who holds the post of Minister of Defense of the country.

In the Philippines, two mayors were shot in two days

The second mayor in the Philippines was shot dead by an unknown, a day after another sniper killed him in broad daylight.

On Tuesday afternoon, an unknown man on a motorcycle shot dead Mayor General Tinio Ferdinand Bothe, Philippines police said.

According to local law enforcement, Bot was attacked by firing several bullets at him while the mayor was driving his Toyota Fortuner in his car.

It was reported that the killing occurred just over 24 hours after the mayor of Tanaouan, Antonio Galili, was shot dead in a single shot during the flag-raising ceremony.

It is not yet clear whether the killings of two officials are related, police said.

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