India worries about worsening US cooperation

The heads of Indian companies expressed their concern over US trade policies, which could be an obstacle to long-term cooperation between the two countries.

A number of representatives of business and political circles in India noted that trade restrictions on the part of the United States cause serious concern. India also doubts that the United States will be able to become as reliable a defense partner of India as Russia is. According to CNBC, these issues were voiced at the annual US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF).

Ajay Singh, chairman of low-cost carrier SpiceJet, noted that trust between countries is one of the key points for building cooperation. He recalled that “Russia supported India when we needed it”:

“We need to discuss these issues much more often. How do we see our relationship in a few years? Is this a strategic relationship? Will we trust each other properly? Can India trust the US when the need arises? And will the US trust India with technologies that obviously took a lot of effort to develop?

In the defense sector, quite a lot of equipment in India comes from Russia. This country supported us when India needed it. We need similar guarantees from the USA. We need to find a way to combine Trump’s America First strategy with Prime Minister Modi’s Do It In India strategy.

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