Cabinet changes the rules for children traveling abroad

The government has made changes to the rules for crossing the state border by citizens of Ukraine. The corresponding decision was made at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, July 4.

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers supported amendments to the government decree regarding the rules of border crossing for children.

In particular, it is proposed to add to the existing regulations on border crossing rules that the child’s travel document is valid for the period for which it was issued.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed crew members to accompany minor children.

“Departure from Ukraine of citizens under the age of 16 is carried out only with the consent of both parents (adoptive parents), adoptive parents, guardians (trustees) and accompanied or accompanied by persons authorized by them who at the time of departure from Ukraine reached 18 years of age, including accompanied by members of the crew of the aircraft on which they are sent, ”the document says.

Also, the departure from Ukraine of persons under 16 years of age, accompanied by one of the parents or other persons authorized by one of the parents by notarized consent, is carried out without the notarized consent of the second parent in case of presentation of documents or their notarized copies.

By decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, such a document may be a child’s birth certificate issued by a competent authority of a foreign state that does not contain information about the child’s father legalized or certified by an apostille, as well as without any additional certificate in cases stipulated by the international treaty of Ukraine.

The development of the relevant changes is due to the need to implement the requirements of Article 32 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Childhood” regarding the adoption by the state of measures to combat illegal movement, export and non-return from abroad, abduction, trafficking and smuggling of orphans and children deprived of parental care.

“The name was not found on the lists”: Novosibirsk student stuck in Prague

Novosibirsk student cannot fly out of Prague with a round-trip ticket

A 17-year-old student from Novosibirsk got stuck in Prague – the girl said that she was not on the departure list, although a ticket was purchased.

“Today at the registration they said that my name is not on the lists. There is no S7 representative here – I have no one to contact, at the registration they told me that they could not help, ”the girl told the NHS correspondent.

At the counter they asked to show a ticket – the girl presented a document that came by e-mail. But her name was still not found on the list.

As the girl’s father Nikolay Golovko explained, initially his daughter had a round-trip ticket between Novosibirsk and Prague. On the day of departure from Novosibirsk, July 23, the girl forgot at home consent to the departure from her parents. Nikolai eventually arrived at the airport, agreed, but the girl had already missed the flight by this time.

“I bought her another ticket to Prague with a transfer in Moscow, and she flew away. And now she can’t get back, ”Nikolai told the NHS correspondent.

The girl tried to fly to Novosibirsk today on the return segment of the first ticket. But, according to Nikolai, this segment was canceled, although before the airline said that the ticket will be valid.

“She, after she was not allowed on the flight in Novosibirsk, came to the representative of the airline, explained the situation, he told her: yes, everything is fine, thank you for coming, you can fly back with this ticket,” Nikolai said .

The NHS sent a request to S7 Airlines.

Recently, the NHS spoke about another unpleasant situation that has developed with Novosibirsk passengers – in the evening of July 20, dozens of people who flew to Tolmachevo by Aeroflot did not receive their luggage.

Most private transfers in the first quarter came from Poland and Russia

In the first quarter of 2018, most private transfers to Ukraine came from Poland and Russia.

In particular, in the first quarter of 2018, the volume of private money transfers to Ukraine through official and unofficial channels increased from $ 1.948 billion in the first quarter of 2017 to $ 2.614 billion, or 34.2%.

Most of the money for the first quarter was transferred from Poland – $ 865 million and from Russia – $ 300 million.

They also transfer a lot of money from the USA – 192 million dollars, the Czech Republic – 171 million dollars and Italy – 122 million dollars.

In total, $ 1.640 billion was transferred from the EU countries for the indicated period, and $ 340 million was transferred from the CIS countries.

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