What will be the crisis in China?

World energy will never be the same: everything has changed the shale revolution. Goldman Sachs analysts are sure of this. They chose the most attractive investment trends in the energy sector, and oil shale is in an honorable first place. We offer you a list of:

1. The shale revolution

The world has already felt the effect of the shale revolution. The production of gas and oil from shale deposits is growing rapidly. Against this background, we see that developing countries are gradually getting rid of one of the main threats to economic growth – price barriers in the oil market. According to Goldman Sachs experts, oil shale will help create a more stable oil market, in which demand for raw materials can grow without a direct link to quotes. In addition, the US trade balance due to shale deposits will improve by 1.2% of GDP by 2017 and the dollar will strengthen by 5-10%.

2. Smart electric networks

Electricity providers are increasingly thinking about creating “smart” networks, in which both the company and customers have the ability to control current consumption. Goldman Sachs cites Silver Spring Networks as an example, which develops special platforms for managing the electricity distribution network that can automate a number of activities that were previously performed in manual mode and provide consumers with the ability to monitor and modify energy consumption. In 2013, Silver Spring Networks earned $ 93 million in an IPO.

3. Production of clean energy using fuel cells

Companies are increasingly thinking about how to provide themselves with energy on their own and not depend on large suppliers and network stability. The most acute question arises in conditions of natural disasters, such as hurricanes. The answer is Bloom Energy. Startup produces solid oxide fuel cells, kits of which are called Bloom Box. Giants such as Wal-Mart, Federal Express and Coca-Cola use these solutions in their energy systems. Each Bloom Box costs $ 750 thousand, and even at this price, customers are willing to buy innovative Bloom Energy products. But in just 10 years, the developers promise to reduce the cost of Flowering Boxes to $ 3 thousand.

4. Wind power

Wind energy already plays an important role in the generating market. Windmills account for 2.5% of all electricity. Both developed and developing markets are interested in developing this sector, which, given favorable weather conditions and the right investment policy, is able to produce energy “for free”. Denmark produces a quarter of its electricity using windmills. Market leaders are USA and China. At the same time, the sector is growing by 25% annually, and the trend will continue in the near future.

Note that these technologies and sectors are considered the most promising by Goldman Sachs experts, whose purpose is to advertise their own agreements in this or that sector. According to the bank, it performs an important task in the energy market. In addition to investment and advisor services, Goldman Sachs helps authorities and businesses enter into a dialogue that will result in new amendments to legislation that can accelerate the implementation of new technologies. Green energy is one of the most interesting niches on the market, and the goal of Goldman Sachs is to bring the total investment in this area to $ 40 billion over the next decade. One of the companies partnering with Goldman Sachs, NRG Energy, controls a wide range of assets in the US and focuses on clean energy. With the support of the bank, she conducted an IPO NRG Yield.

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