Korchinsky pleased the media with a new threat to the Crimean bridge

The leader of the Brotherhood party, Dmitry Korchinsky, called for a gallows to be made of Krymsky Bridge, which gave Russian journalists an occasion to once again write about a surge of “Nazism in Ukraine.”

So, in his video message, a public figure called: “This bridge is their triumphal arch, and should become their gallows … Everyone who sits in these cars, and every foreman, and everyone who financed, and every oligarch, and every Crimean official – everyone should hang on this bridge. ”

At the same time, he rebuked the Ukrainians, who allegedly did not decide on sabotage.

“We have not committed any sabotage with you inland. This claim is not only the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but to all of us. I will be ashamed when my grandchildren ask: “Grandfather,” why didn’t you make a single sabotage deep into the enemy’s territory? ” I will be ashamed and say: “I ran somewhere out there with a gun.” And they will ask: “Why did you run with a gun? Why wasn’t there a single sabotage, why was this bridge built bloodless? ” And I will not know what to answer … And we will all do that, ”Korchinsky said.

This statement was immediately disseminated by the Russian propaganda media and terrorist publications in the Donbass. In these materials, Korchinsky is introduced as a “Nazi.”

Malakhov ridiculed Putin on the Crimean bridge: video parody

Popular Russian TV presenter Andrei Malakhov and actor Yuri Stoyanov, who ended up at the base of the Ukrainian Peacemaker Volunteer Center, spoiled the passage of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Krymsky Bridge on the opening day at KAMAZ.

“Well, whoever invented this, go on air on KAMAZ,” Stoyanov asked in a video posted on Malakhov’s Instagram.

He received the answer: “Yuri Nikolaevich, now all the important people drive KAMAZ trucks.” They also discussed riding without a seat belt, which was seen during the opening of the Crimean bridge near Putin.

It is worth noting that this was the announcement of the program “Hello, Andrey”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the once popular comedy television series “The Town”.

The German edition fell into scandal because of the “Russian” Crimea: (photo)

In the capital of Germany, Berlin, a geographical atlas appeared on sale in which the occupied Crimea is depicted not by the territory of Ukraine, but by part of the Russian Federation.

This was announced by volunteer and blogger Sergei Kaminsky on his Facebook page.

Recently, Facebook has plunged me into depression and despair, every time. There is no justice in the world. The news is sadder than the other. And then there it is, I bought a child a map in Berlin so that I could learn geography. What the hell ?! ”the man was indignant.

At the same time, user Dmitry Pukha published a comment by Dmitry Shevchenko, Consul of Ukraine in Munich, on this occasion.

“We have been doing this case for more than a year. There were letters and meetings with the management of the publishing house. That is, this is not a situation when they do something simply by mistake without understanding the situation. They all understand, but the fact that Crimea must be designated Russian is their principled position.

We were promised support in the government of Baden-Württemberg, in the mayor’s office of Ostfildern (sister of Poltava), but their capabilities are also limited, because this is a private company, ”the diplomat explained.

Also, the Ukrainian consul called on all concerned during the year “to bombard them and the stores that distribute their products with complaints, this could make them change their position.”

The State Duma is confident that the appearance of the Crimean bridge shocked Ukrainians

The deputy of the illegitimate State Duma of the Russian Federation from occupied Sevastopol Dmitry Belik commented on the statement of the Verkhovna Rada deputy of Ukraine Nestor Shufrich that the Kerch bridge belongs to Ukraine, like Crimea itself.

“People were shocked – they had been convinced for two years that they were building the bridge, that it was propaganda and photoshop. And then suddenly he appears. Now they have a dissonance, the United States is silent, and the bridge is bombed only in the fantasies of the American press. In addition, pay attention to the reaction of the United States and Europe to calls to destroy the bridge. The collective West is modestly aloof, not wanting to support this destructive story, without commenting or supporting. Poroshenko, unlike the smaller representatives of Ukrainian politics, understands that after a series of terrorist attacks that Americans and Europeans have faced, his public support for such stories will be extremely negatively received in the West, ”the Russian deputy said in a conversation with RT propagandists.

Belik also said that such statements foster patriotism in Ukraine.

“Now, calls and slogans are flying out of all Ukrainian media simply because we need to say at least something. “Aggressor”, “illegal construction”, “to drive the Russians” – these are the words to which the drooping head of the Ukrainian nationalist reflexively rises, straightens his shoulders, the fire of “struggle” begins to burn in his chest, ”he concluded.

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