Krymnash our special way

1. At a meeting of the next trial today, the so-called The “prosecutor” requested for Vladimir Balukh 4 years in a penal colony on charges of “disorganizing the work of the Razdolnensky temporary detention center.” Given the first falsified criminal case – up to 6 years in a general regime colony and a fine of 10 thousand rubles. Baluh looks very exhausted. Let me remind you that a Crimean is being tried for the Ukrainian flag!

2. Crimean Tatar, a civil journalist Nariman Medeminov, who was accused by the invaders of “calls for a terrorist attack,” was placed in a psychiatric hospital for 20 days. Memedeminov wrote a letter from the pre-trial detention center with the words of deepest gratitude and gratitude to all who did not stand aside.

3. “Yes, this non-violent struggle, which we talk a lot about, in our realities costs the price of freedom, and unfortunately, sometimes even life.” A well-known Crimean human rights activist, coordinator of “Crimean Solidarity”, and, recently, Server Mustafayev, who became a political prisoner, wrote an appeal to Ukrainian and international human rights activists, politicians and activists.

4. Scammers are traveling from Russia to Crimea, said Anatoly Oleinik, head physician of the GBUZ Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital: “I am very subjective towards specialists from the mainland. Since 2015, 11 visitors have passed through my hospital, 10 I fired. Unfortunately, if the doctor is a good specialist and he works in his city, then he will not go to another region. Come to put it mildly, swindlers. ” At the same time, he noted that in the medical institution there is a shortage of narrow specialists (screen).

5. “Yesterday, rallies were held across Russia against raising the retirement age. Crimea and Sevastopol did not hold a rally. Today in Sevastopol they announced the holding of a rally of five thousand people on July 20, and judging by the declared number of participants, one of the most numerous actions is planned in Sevastopol, ”the Sevastopol propaganda donors report. Even in Russia, a maximum of 4,5 thousand people attended such meetings.

6. An apartment burned down in Sevastopol yesterday. According to eyewitnesses, 90% of the blame lies with firefighters who acted extremely unprofessionally. Well, of course, it’s not about closing shopping centers and taking bribes from entrepreneurs. Here, after all, you also need to be able to, and you need to take risks. And why should they?

7. The gas station country continues to amuse residents of Dzhankoy: “Who can tell why there is no gas at all gas stations? What, the gas is over ??? ”. Answers: “Where does gas come from in Russia ?! Did you think with your head? ”,“ In connection with the World Cup they banned the transport of dangerous goods in Russia ”,“ Then they will bring it twice as expensive ”,“ How many people once again threw money for installing gas equipment ”,“ Yes, they can’t decide on the price , so they don’t fill in ”(screen).

8. Vatniki of Yalta, in which before the occupation every year all berths were put in order after the autumn-winter storms, again shocked by nanotechnology: “As my friend said:“ Berth for a million, ”or how to spend budgetary funds on“ redecorating the lower embankment “. I know that many are tired of posts about a kind of “whining”, but if you do not do this, then there will be no reaction. For 4 years in Russia, only one thing was done on the lower embankment: they demolished the “Food” and that’s it. And the emergency berths were only painted over the rust with white paint. Few people know that in 2 years at least 2 port chiefs have changed, and the one who is now is S. Aksyonov’s friend / brother / matchmaker. The request is anonymous, but you never know there, the FSB is watching us. And for excess knowledge they will also put me in prison. ” The cotton moderator posted a post NOT anonymously. Comments are: “Generally, of course, a disgrace. Are our authorities so immortal? Yalta must be given the title of a hero city. Our heroic authorities stand dead guard over their financial interests – they won’t give an inch of money to the enemy ”,“ (Author of the message) Well, not anonymous – not so anonymous ”,“ Like in that saying: “he’s washing his hand.” So just nobody is afraid of anyone ”,“ From year to year nothing changes. C – Stability ”,“ The author is in vain “scared”. Fez (FSB) and anonymous will be found, if necessary !! Naive !!!!! Smiled ”,“ Guys, Russia – the bottom. Everybody got it. Tolerate, like everyone else, ”“ * yours! Heart bleeds ”,“ Yes, you just look at this beauty. Probably the bucks swelled ”,“ They also laughed recently. Well, pi * dec some !!! They don’t do anything at all. The city center is just a shame !!!! ”,“ Yes, the campaign, everywhere is a star ”(photo screen).

9. The comers are again interested in where in the Crimea there are ATMs and branches of Sberbank (screen).

10. The invaders are once again going to celebrate the Baptism Day of KIEV Rus. They have not mentioned the word “KIEVSKAYA” recently, rewriting history to the needs of the bloody Kremlin. Everything stolen from them, absolutely everything: “In the period from July 23 to 28, exhibitions, concerts, excursions and charity classes will be held in Crimean museums, libraries, and also in children’s camps. Crimeans and guests of the peninsula will be told about icon painting and the history of Orthodoxy in Russia. July 28 in Simferopol will host a youth festival-concert “Millennial Rus.” The details of the event are being clarified ”(photo screen and comments).

11. Vatorylaya in Gurzuf shocked by shit: “Horror! From Gurzuf they make the capital of marginals, shalmans and barbecues !!! Save Gurzuf !!! ” Vatnitsa indignantly answered a resident of Koktebel: “Are you at the bottom? See, the hatch is open? There is Koktebel. Get in. ” But after half an hour, the one from Gurzuf was fine and wonderful to live in shit. Her greatness was instilled with the victory of the Mordor team over Spain. And the vatoril broke out in ecstasy (screenshots).

12. Lightning! In connection with the victory over Spain, the Russian government decided to abolish pensions. Absolutely. For nefig!

13. Vata rejoices, beeps. Under the guise of Bibikany, they will still be banned or increased something. And it’s not about salary. Beep on, traitors over!

14. Luck, why the hell did you go with your foot! There are no forces anymore. From every iron, this stink. The neighbor yells like a patient: “FORWARD.” Die with this football! I still remember this stinking football from every teapot, scum!

15. The growth of gas tariffs in the Crimea will continue for five years, the occupants of Uraaa reported! 5: 0

16. Yesterday I was driving in the Yalta minibus, when one old Zalessky hen started yelling at the whole salon “Nasipaedili, forward race!” and clap your hands. But it was necessary to see the faces of the locals – they expressed complete disregard and bewilderment.

17. Ukrainian swimmer Andrei Govorov from the Crimea at the Sette Colli Trophy competitions in Rome set a new world record at a distance of 50 meters butterfly. In the final of the competition Govorov showed time of 22.27 seconds.

PS I’ll finish the release with the memories of a resident of Sevastopol: “Remember the European Football Championship in 2012 in Ukraine? Something I don’t remember stories about Ukrainians massively pursuing foreigners in an unbridled desire to surrender to imported football fans. Maybe it’s because no one told them about the braces, spirituality and the special way? ”

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