Lukashenko reproached Russia with “barbaric attitude”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has stated that Russia allegedly does not fulfill obligations under the Eurasian Economic Union.

During a trip to the Gomel region on Friday, August 10, Alexander Lukashenko, according to the Belta agency, made a number of new critical comments on Russia.

In particular, speaking to employees of Gomselmash OJSC, he said that Russia allegedly creates uncompetitive conditions for Belarus and violates the agreements, in particular in terms of subsidizing Rostselmash. At the same time, Lukashenko did not note whether Gomselmash OJSC receives any subsidies, 50% of the shares of which are in Belarusian state property.

“I want to save Gomselmash.” We are in a difficult period: Russians behave barbarously towards us, I speak about this publicly. They demand something from us, as if we were vassals from them, and within the framework of the EAEU, where they invited us, they do not want to fulfill their obligations. So they create a non-competitive situation. In Russia, the Americans and the West are reproached for creating a «non-competitive advantage.» And they themselves, for us, are equally non-competitive, creating conditions. This is still the topic of our conversation with the president of Russia. But we must work in the conditions in which we exist today.

The main thing is that we must withstand two or three years. We will be under very strong pressure from competitors. We are squeezed from the West by various “lexical classes”, etc., and we, unfortunately, are squeezed from the East by our “elder brother”, who behaves in bad faith in competition. They “Rostselmash” in every possible way support, subsidize, violating our agreements in the Eurasian Economic Union. This is wrong, unfair, and we do not remove this problem from the agenda of the Belarusian-Russian negotiations at the level of governments and even presidents.

As far as we can, we will support your enterprise. But please work faster. We need to withstand this unfair competition for two or three years and surpass our rivals (my friend the president of Russia calls them partners, and I call our opponents at least). ”

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