May loses British confidence in EU exit

This was reported by the research company ORB International, publishing data from a public opinion poll.

The survey was conducted among 2,027 British citizens over the age of 18 between July 6 and 8, 2018, or immediately before the double resignation on Monday, July 9, when David Davis, the Minister for Exit from the EU, and former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson resigned.

As noted, in the course of the survey several “anti-records” were recorded in relation to the British conduct of Brexit. A record share of respondents – 71% – stated that they did not approve of the negotiation process led by the cabinet of ministers Teresa May on Britain’s exit from the EU

At the same time, the British confidence in Theresa May as a prime minister who is able to conclude a successful deal with the EU authorities for Britain has fallen to the minimum level since the start of this survey in November 206: only 26% of respondents believe that May will succeed to achieve favorable conditions when concluding an agreement on exit from the EU.

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