In eastern Canada, more than 50 people died due to the heat

In the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, the sensible air temperature rose to 40 degrees Celsius. In eastern Canada, 54 people died due to the heat, the authorities in the Canadian province of Quebec reported on Sunday, July 8. Just over half of all deaths are recorded in Montreal, Quebec’s largest city.

In neighboring Ontario, air temperature also remains high for a week. According to the Canadian Weather Service, in the last days the thermometer rose to 34 degrees Celsius, while due to the high humidity of the air, the perceived temperature reached 40 degrees. By the weekend, the temperature dropped a little.

These are not the first deaths in Canada due to the heat. In 2010, in the Montreal region, high air temperatures caused the death of about a hundred people.

The rarest black dolphin died by swallowing 80 plastic bags

In the south of Thailand, a black dolphin died, swallowing 80 plastic bags. He vomited five packets while zoologists tried to save him.

“Bags weighing eight kilograms stuck in the animal in the stomach and throat and did not allow him to swallow and digest food,” the local authorities said in a statement.

Ecologists tried to keep the animal afloat with the help of boats and installed an awning above it to protect it from the scorching rays of the sun.

They tried to save Dolphin for several days, but on Friday afternoon he died.

Oceanographer-biologist Ton Tamrongnavasavat explained to reporters that because of the swallowed packets, the dolphin could not survive, because he was no longer able to eat.

“If you have 80 packets in your stomach, you can assume that you have already died,” he said.

Recent studies have shown that the number of different plastic products in the ocean will triple over the next ten years if no action is taken.

Thailand is a major consumer of plastic bags. The government announced in May its intention to introduce an additional tax on them. It is believed that these bags annually lead to the death of hundreds of ocean inhabitants.

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